You are a Great Being Theory

I have been long time fan of theories of the great beings for many years. I was talking with a friend a month back with her what if the great beings are humans I laughed it off for a bit at my idea then it started to nag me could they be humans ?

I started to do a little digging that theory do the great beings have powers yes they do powers that we humans could never have. But one thing we humans do have is the power to create I mean if you look at what legos are and what we do with them don’t you think it would be poetic if we humans are the great beings I mean I will honestly say this idea has so many holes in it a ship will not sail but remember it is you the human who makes the toys you are that being that builds the sets you are the being who crafted your Bionicle world you are the great being and before you tell me that greg said no great beings are not humans I know you are right he has said it many times but I think in a way he can’t say what they are and hey it’s just a theory…I also went though a lot of history for this idea and I know I am not the first or last to being this up I just think it is a fascinating that Humans could be great beings I would honestly love to hear what people have to say about this and I know the holes in this are wide but I want to know if it could be even plausible ?


Not necessarily humans, but we, Bionicle fans are the Great Beings. We create new things, re-enact story parts…

We deconstruct and then reconstruct, the basis of all Alchemy…oh wait, wrong franchise.


It makes perfect sense to me, especially in light of the logic of The Lego Movie. Canonically speaking, G1 could never have had humans as Great Beings, but because the Great Beings were kept in the shadows and we know so little about them, Human Great Beings are a perfect headcanon.


Why not? Just because Greg stated that humans had nothing to do with BIONICLE doesn’t mean they couldn’t have been introduced if the story team wanted. The story taking place on an extraterrestrial planet certainly doesn’t eliminate the possibility of the GBs being human…after all, if it were impossible to tell stories with humans living on planets other than Earth, I would not be so anxiously awaiting the new Star Wars movie, because Star Wars wouldn’t exist.

They had no natural powers, though. The only powers they demonstrated was making their creations not see them, and the Chained GB, who got his power from the Mask of Life.

So yes, they could have been humans.


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You have a good point. I may be mistaken, but I always thought of the Great Beings as having supernatural, superhuman powers. That, in my opinion, would only make them as “Human” as Professor X, Wolverine, or Magneto. Now, strictly speaking if my Bionicles were alive and could comprehend my ability to bring different parts together and create a new living being from scrap, they would definitely percieve me as some form of deity.

However, when remembering that Angonce supposedly had psionic powers like a female skrall, and that Velika up and turned himself into a matoran, I personally would say that the Great Beings would not be Human, at least not normal mundane humans like I am.

So while it is entirely possible for the Great Beings to be Humans, I don’t think so. I guess I was wrong in saying that it couldn’t have been canon, it is possible, but I interpret the evidence to say “no.”


They have powers to teleport…thats all that is really known but that’s where my theory falls short honestly to Kixaar Vedlika did not turn himself into a matoran he swiched bodies and gave up his great being body for a matoran’s and I know this has so many holes in it I think these humans are evolved passed thousands of years or perhaps millions…but you are correct about Angonce I offer no explantation for that I just think this theory is well plausible and would be really deep and poetic for lego to pull off.

You are right in that they do seem to have powers…so little is known about them. For some reason Greg has always resisted that idea (he prefers to think that the GBs “abilities” are mostly tech-based, which actually sort of contradicts his assertion that the GBs aren’t human, as creating technology to facilitate life has always been a profoundly human ideal). If the GBs were human, most of those powers could probably be explained by technology (the only one that’s a little iffy is how Velika got his mind into a Matoran’s body).

Angonce was thought to have psionic powers, but then Greg eliminated that possibility by stating that it was Annona who was actually to blame for the Sisters’ abilities (which was unfortunate, as it took away some of the mystery from the GBs).

I also doubt that the GBs are canonically human. Greg said that, in his belief, they are at least partially related to the Glatorian/Agori, but the GB = human theory has always been very popular, and I think it really fits with the idea of LEGO. I’m debating whether or not to make them humans in my fanfiction alt-verse, but I basically consider it my headcanon.

You weren’t really “wrong” to say that it couldn’t be canon. It’s pretty obvious that Greg, who was basically in sole control of the post-2010 story, wasn’t going to go that way. I was just pointing out that the story team could have done it, if they wanted to…


I suppose literally speaking we create the bionicle universe, so in that way we technically are great beings.

However canonically speaking, no, humans do not exist in the bionicle universe.

he may not be able to say what they are,
but he has said what they aren’t,



Humans were to be put in the bioncle mask of light film so I do think it is a remote possibility.

In assumed that canonically they were just another biomechanical species from outside Solus Magna. But, I like the idea of us, the fans, being the Great Beings as we are the ones who create, destroy, experiment, and learn about the BIONICLE world.

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I think it’s safe to say that the Great Beings are a very meta reference to kids playing with their Bionicles. I mean come on: Great Beings like create and don’t like running things or taking responsibility (as indicated by their actions in the story).

Also in my head canon, I consider great beings to be the Bionicle universe’s equivalent of humans for various reasons.


Alright… which one of you guys killed Karzahni and Tren Krom?


it was an accident :s

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I had to get rid of them It was for the greater good.

I think the great beings are the last and one of the only mysteries that was left unsolved in Bionicle gen 1 I remember lego wound not let the last comic show even a hand greg said that in 2010 I am not saying my theory is good I am really thinking its possible.

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Don’t ask me…it was Velika!!! Whoever he is…