You decide what happens next 3!

Okay, so after the death of “You decide what happens next 2!”, I have decided to rethink things and go back to the drawing board…

For those who are newcomers to this series, the basic premise is this: I start out a story with a vague introduction, and then anyone, including you, could write down what happens afterwards.

Anyways, I feel like it would be more fun to do it just like the original version, where anything goes and anyone can write anything. So, here are the rules:

  1. Anyone can write anything at any point of the story
  2. Posts should be no longer than 1 paragraph at the most.

Without further ado, I shall start our new story:

Our epic tale begins in a place known as…

Lazytown, home of the hero of our times, Robbie rotten. One day, he was bored, when suddenly…

He tripped over a banana peel

“CURSE YOU, SPORTACUS!” Robbie yelled to the heavens.

“You’re a dead meme!” the heavens sounded back.

Robbie Rotten slumped to the ground, reminded of how he was no longer culturally appreciated. With a determined glint in his eye, he stood and shouted to the empty nothing:

“I’m going to make myself the best of the best - the number one meme - no matter what it takes!”

He returned to his underground dwellings to pack a small distorted blue suitcase with his belongings and stomp out of lazy town. But when he got on the bus and drove out of the town itself…

He stumbled upon a man…

With shoulder pads larger than his own face.

…And the man was Hideo Kojima!

Kojima stood up and brushed himself off, saying something in Japanese that Robbie was pretty sure sounded like ‘garlic bread’. “Well I don’t speak Japanese anyway. What are you doing here? And… Why were you on the floor?”

Hideo straightened his shoulderpads and snorted at him, before clipping through the back of the bus and ascending into the sky.

“…Well, that just happened. Sure am glad I don’t eat sports candy like some people.

“I have come to warn you.” Hideo Kojima said. “The great bionicle meme war is upon us. You must prepare for the coming invasion of the Tanmians!”

As if summoned, a small army of Photoks, Soleks, and Tanmas crawl from the ground.

All marching towards Robbie with their swords raised.

Robbie found a net, which he threw at a Photok.

The commander of the Solek army was a larger, robed version of Solek. He wore an amulet around his neck. “I summon the power of Baron Blade” the Solek yelled. Suddenly, he transformed into Baron blade.

Quickly, the Tanmas built a massive Good Guy. Armed with the power of invincibility, its only weakness was fire.

Robbie found a flamethrower, which he used to burn good guy.

The peacemaker, in a matter of senconds built a large wall in between Robbie and the army.

“Hi young Robbie, for you have a long journey ahead of you. Cool and good,” said Meme Man as he returned to the dimension from whence he came

Robbie nodded at meme man and attempted to break down the wall.

The wall slapped Robbie. He got so mad, that he face planted. Eventually, the wall got up and walked away, leaving a pile of bone behind it.

“O!” Said Robbie. The planet had been destroyed.