You Know You're an Engineering Student and Lego Fan When

... you use Legos to make holders, stands, and other things for all the random objects scattered on your desk.

Exhibit A: Phone Holder/Charger

Basically, I couldn't put my phone down anywhere where I could reach it from my bed. This is a problem, since I use my phone as an alarm clock as well and I don't want to get out of bed to turn it off. It also needs to charge overnight. To solve this problem, I rigged up this little contraption, which is held on the bedpost by rubber bands and also allows my phone to charge.

Exhibit B: The Mutant Otamatone

My Otamatone looked a little wobbly (yes, I know I'm insane for owning one in the first place) so I figured I'd make him a little stand. Then I added legs to it. And then it became the fearsome Mutant Otamatone. Joking aside, this is the first time I've found a decent use for the large satellite disks from the Star Wars tank droid set.

Next up, I'm probably going to make a hanger for my headphones.

So, have any of you guys found Legos to be particularly useful in solving everyday annoyances?


You're an engineering student too??


I suppose being a LEGO fan would tend to predispose you to liking engineering; though.


I have found my people.

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...When you find a bunch of Lego pieces you lost earlier and find them while cleaning your room, and when you find them, you stack them upon each other and make a weird creation.


me too!
I'm in college, my major is engineering.
You know you're a lego Fan when...
...You are told to make a representation of a scene from Beowulf... so you make a stop-motion out of Legos. (I'll upload it later).
...You hear your Art history teacher say a building looks to be made out of a child's building blocks, and immediately want to make it out of Legos.

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I'm an engineering student too!

In my case it's specifically robotics, but I do the same kind of thing shown in the OP.

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Been there. And then I fiddle with the creation and rework it when I'm bored. Or when I'm watching Netflix.



now make a mindstorms robot that sorts parts by colour.
you know, so we don't have to do it by hand.

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how about one that makes sets?

that takes all the fun out of lego... machine that GIVES you lego pieces when you need them?

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or finds that one part you really need but can't find,
and gives it to you.


Now that would be useful.

I've always wanted to build things like this, but my parts have always been otherwise occupied (read: being used in other MOCs). And I'm lazy enough to just leave my phone on my desk instead. smile
But... what the heck is an Otomatone? confused Yes, I know how to use Google

A japanese "instrument". I put instrument in quotations because it's more of a toy, which can make music occasionally if you know how to play it.

Someone who knows how to play it:

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