You Meet the Most Interesting People in the Least Interesting of Places

Having worked as a Tour Guide on the USS Missouri for a bit over half a year now, that statement only becomes more and more true every day. You really do meet the most interesting people in the least interesting and most unassuming of places. This is the place to share your stories of the people you’ve met, and your odd encounters with the strangest of strangers. I’ll be adding my own stories in as time goes on, but first, let’s hear from you.


I met Leonardo DiCaprio at a Walmart in Dallas Texas, he was in line in front of us giving away a shopping cart full of stuff, signing stuff, etc. It was weird, and I didn’t have anything to sign, so RIP


You had yourself./s

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Leo deserved an Oscar long ago for his acting, and another medal of some kind for being a cool person.