Your Favorite and Least Favorite sets from 2018

Since most, if not all sets for this year have been revealed, I thought it’d be a good time to make this topic.

I guess I’ll start.


  • Ninjago City Docks - While not as elaborate as the city, there is a lot to appreciate about the set. For one, its displayability. It looks great from both front and back. The old world is given quite a spotlight here, offering some of that amazing traditional architecture. The more modern city aesthetic is still present, though. Some of my favorite parts from this set include the water way, the dojo, the tea shop and its signage, and the centerpiece.

  • Winter Village Fire Station - A great Winter Village addition, especially compared to the rather lacking Train Station from last year. I enjoy how this set has a holiday theme, but it doesn’t feel tacky or toy-ey, like too many Christmas-themed toys do. I’d say that color scheme plays part in this. The dark red, tan, and white make for a great combo. It isn’t too bright, but not dull either. And the build for the station is refreshing.

  • LEGO Harry Potter Wave - In my opinion, this theme is the best of 2018. This theme was in demand, and it came back with a punch. These sets are a fantastic example of look and play integration. For example, the Great Hall and Whomping Willow are extremely displayable from the front, with a tasteful palette and lots of detail. Yet, there are many rooms you can play with your figures in the back.

And no, I am not counting the D2C Hogwarts in this entry.

Least Favorites:

  • Ninjago: Sons of Garmadon Wave - I was really hoping the quality of the movie sets would be present in the next TV show wave. Unfortunately, this wave ends up being one of the most uninspired of Ninjago, in my opinion. Each and every set has been done before, in some way. Why do we need another over-sized sports car? Or another boat/jet? More motorcycles? And 6 Spinners? If these sets would’ve taken these concepts, and done something interesting with them, that’d be fine. But that is not the case. The only sets I can say bring something new are the Temple of Resurrection, with its interesting function, and the SOG Headquarters, which is a new setting for Spinjitzu playset. Additionally, the palette used in this wave feels very toy-ey. In particular, the gold and keetorange used on Kai’s boat, or the green and lime used on the Nightcrawler.

  • Star Wars - Not much to say here. Most of this year were remakes that were sub-par and/or overpriced. Some of the worst Star Wars sets ever, in my opinion, came out this year.

Those sets are;

  • Betrayal at Cloud City - A jumbled, incomplete mess of scenes mashed into a weirdly shaped diorama. There is a saying, “Don’t fix what doesn’t need to be fixed.” The vignette style of the original was very clever, and worked very well. This awkwardly shaped thing doesn’t. Less displayable than the notorious Assult of Hoth, in my opinion.

  • First Order AT-ST - It’s not a complete AT-ST, but retails for the price of a complete AT-ST. The scene its based on isn’t memorable enough to fork over that type of money or resource to become an actual set. Yet, here we are.


looks like the set was also a betrayal

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  • 75215 Cloud Rider Swoop Bikes - This Star Wars Solo set has great value for its relatively low price and looks surprisingly good on display, especially if you make some custom display stands with parts from your own collection.

  • 41597 Go Brick Me - LEGO puts out some nice Brickheadz kits, but I really enjoyed putting together some of my own. This set includes over 700 pieces for $30 USD, an amazing value.

  • 75952 Newt’s Case of Magical Creatures - A very unique set with great minifigures, a cool transformation feature, and neat brick-built beasts. Great for fans of the film.

  • 76102 Thor’s Weapon Quest + 76107 Thanos: Ultimate Battle - These two sets offer the best looking LEGO combination model I can remember.

  • 42083 Bugatti Chiron - This is probably my favorite set of the year. It offers an excellent, technical build, and the final product is stunning in size and look. A great display piece for car or Technic enthusiasts.

Least Favorites:

  • 75212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon - It includes nice minifugres, but the craft is looking especially gappy now that its main color is white, and the whole package is quite overpriced (a trend in Star Wars this year).

  • 75201 First Order AT-ST - This is a terrible set. However, among it’s many faults, the worst aspect of this set is probably that you could buy the Rouge One AT-ST (with a complete head) for the same retail price.

  • 41612 Steve & Creeper - Some of LEGO’s Brickheadz have slight issues, but these two have many.

  • 41456 Unikingdom Fairground Fun - In a year with several competent roller coaster sets, this one is very boring, even with its crazy colors.

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This was an absolutely abysmal set imo. It was a huge let down design wise

Jurassic Park Chase: a great celebration of Jurassic Park that comes with great minifigures and play features.

Anakin’s Delta-7: a fantastic remake of the 2007 set that’s a nice $20 package that helps the hype for new Clone Wars episodes continue to spread.

Throne Room Showdown: a great cheap set that comes with a fantastic selection of minifigs from Season 9 (or 10) for another cheap price of $20.

Least Favorite:
Jedi & Clone Troopers Battlepack: While I still bought it for the actually fantastic minifigs, this is one of the weirder Star Wars battlepacks in recent memory. It doesn’t exactly work as an army builder like most battle packs, but maybe LEGO saw some sort of success with the Freemaker Adventures Bounty Hunter Battlepack and thought they should try and replicate it somehow. Gotta be the weirdest vehicle I’ve seen in a set.

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T. Rex Tower: The orange T-Rex in this set is absolutely adorable and is hands down my favorite figure of 2018.

Hulk vs. Red Hulk: This set introduced the big fig arms and fists in red and lime, so you can imagine my excitement when this set was introduced.

Boba Fett: This bounty hunter introduced a bunch of ccbs shell recolors in light bluish gray, dark red, keetorange, and sand green. His jet pack is made of blue technic connectors which are extremely useful for moccing.


My favorites (in no particular order)

42083: Bugatti Chiron: I gotta say, this set really impressed me. It’s worn out over time, but it’s still pretty impressive nonetheless.

42081: Volvo ZEUX: I love seeing new ideas being implemented into Technic, and this is done exceptionally well.

10263: Winter Village Fire Station: The Winter Village theme has always put out excellent sets, but this is one of the best.

75952: Newt’s Case of Magical Creatures: Great features, and exceptional builds for a very nice price.

41597: Go Brick Me: One of the sets that makes lego what it is. An instant classic.

75887: Porsche 919 Hybrid: I really enjoyed this set. Great looks, and a very fun build at a good price point.

And My Least Favorites (again, no order here)

10268: Vestas Wind Turbine: It’s an okay set, but for the price and what you get, this is a rip-off. Very disappointed by this.

75212: Kessel Run Millennium Falcon: I nver really felt this set I guess… It lacks the nostalgia of the og millennium falcon, and doesn’t impress like the price tag will suggest.

10262: James Bond Aston Martin DB5: Huge step back from the previous Creator vehicle sets. The functions are ok, but do not do enough to outweigh the sacrifice in looks and the drastic price increase.

75220: Sandcrawler: Just a very disappointing set. I can’t help but think, “Where did the other 600 pieces go” every time I look at pictures of it.

Best Set: 75181: Y-Wing Starfighter: Nothing compares here. Some of the best detail ever on a lego set, and just from first impressions alone, you can tell that this set is something special.

Worst Set: 75222: Betrayal at Cloud City: Well Star Wars got the best and the worst for me. I get the intentions of this set are different than the UCS Y-Wing, but the design here is very poor. It’s also very unacceptable to me that this is basically half the Death Star (in terms of size of the model) for $350. To think that the Assault on Hoth was bad, this is much worse then that imo.

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