Your favorite D&D character.

I think after all the games and campaigns we’ve played, there’s always been a character we have loved playing for one reason or another. I want to open up this discussion to have players come forth with either a small description, or a long explanation of why you love that character. Feel free to show a picture of them if you want.

For me, my favorite right now has been my Wild magic sorcerer Drow named Dryce. The reason being how my group seemed enjoyed his company, and how I managed to develop him through the Waterdeep games. At one point, I even started to have him keep a journal after he was revived(which I still need to work on converting the notes from each session, into proper journal entries).

He was incompetent at times, but a reliable ally none-the-less. He of course wore a mask, but I felt it helped flesh out his design, and gave rise to some funny moments.


From top to bottom, favorite to least favorite, I would rank my dnd characters as follows:

  • Dirtbag/Sleezebag McGee: Lawful Good Chaotic Evil High Elf wizard, sounded like he smoked a pack of cigarettes a day since he was five, and recreational drug user. He was the first, and holds a special place in my heart.

  • Daar of clan Verthisathurgiesh: My second character for Adventurer’s league, Daar, A neutral good, depressed Dragonborn Scientist Warrior, was sent by Discount Science Solutions to replace the recently deceased Neilman Guyford, Scientist Bard Extrodinare. As such, I wanted her to have a similar backstory to the first character, but have an inversion of his personality. If Neilman sought to teach the children of the land about the wonders of science and explore how it could make the world a better place, Daar used science to justify her beliefs in the futility of life, and the inherent pointlessness of existence. Perhaps her cynicism is why she outlived her contemporary. Unfortunetly, Quarantine had other ideas about where the party was headed.

  • Neilman Guyford: Scientist Bard Extrodinare: Neilman was my first attempt at creating a character for Adventurer’s Leauge. He was mostly based off of individuals like Neil Degrease Tyson and Bill Nye, who turned science into a spectacle. Sent by Discount Science Solutions, Guyford was a boisterous and jovial individual who was always eager to learn more about the world. He only lasted two sessions, with his one weakness being exploited in the last one: Being chomped in two by a Dinosaur. Strangely enough, this wasn’t the first time that something had eaten him, but it was definitely the last.

  • Meatface: Warrior guy. Honestly, there’s not much to say about Meatface, he was the character I played in the Rick and Morty campaign dm’d by a member of my Adventurer’s League group in an few online sessions. he was notorious for rolling threes and fours for initiative, but for rolling well enough in all other scenarios. he felled many an enemy, but was almost felled himself by a slew of humanoid pickles. I’m telling you, it was the funniest @%#$! TLDR character was an excuse to play dnd.

  • Doctor Teeth: Half Orc Barbarian. Doctor Teeth would probably have ranked higher on the list if I had gotten a chance to play him. I created his character sheet for two reasons. I wanted a back up sheet in case Darr ever bit it, and the other was that I thought it would be funny to turn a muppet into a dnd character. Another member of the Discount Science Solutions Guild, Doctor Teeth did indeed have a doctorate. A doctorate of what you may ask? Why, he was a doctor of love, and vibes, and church music. He’s all about bringing people together, and that’s like, really groovy and far out, man.

I’ve only spent a decent amount of time (more than one session) taking part in two campaigns, one of which was ended due to failing motivation and the other abruptly being put on hold due to the COVID-19 outbreak (oddly, they take place in the same universe, so my two characters could technically interact with each other, which I really want).

My first character was Gore Meigh, a skilled chef who happens to be some (I believe it was called a Shifter) sort of cross between a man and a pig. He comes from a tribe of pig-people (Piglins!) and won his wife, Buff Feigh, in a raffle. After Eggs, Toast, and Hamlet Meigh were born, Buff Feigh left Gore and took the kids (besides Eggs, who ran away to become his own chef). Alone and out of inspiration, Gore Meigh took a journey to discover new flavors to spice up his cooking, and stumbled upon the party this way. He was also a wizard with the frying pan during combat.

My second, called “L3-0N” or “Leon” (I was this close to naming him “Reon”) is a Warforged machine that had been built during the war, but never activated due to its end. He was then picked up by a criminal family and conditioned to be their accountant. However, his original function still remains, and can come out as a Barbarian’s rage. He is incredibly friendly but also loyal to his people. He doesn’t have much in the way of free will, and acts more like a machine than he really is. I imagine him kind of like a mix of IG-11 from the Mandalorian and Norm from Phineas and Ferb- he won’t want to kill you, but if asked to, he would do so without remorse. He also has come across an infant dragon that has made her home in his central compartment, so he is basically IG-11 with a WALL-E chest. I love him.

I have yet to make a shady or villainous character.


I had a Wood Elf ranger as my first character.
super original, I know
But he accidentally shot his wolf and killed it with a single arrow.
Then he shot an arrow at a Kobold and it hit the kobold, killed it, bounced off of a pole, and killed a second one.
Later on, he shot an explosive arrow that killed a group of 5 or 6 kobolds.
And after that, he threw a bunch of random herbs and some beef jerky together to make a magical healing elixir.

…so yeah.

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I haven’t been playing for too long, and only as a DM, sooooo…

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Oh man, usually it’s just whoever I’m playing at the moment. But I’ve had a lot of favorite characters over the years.

Current favorite is Connie Soarsong, a Chaotic Good tiefling-dryad bard/rogue. He’s 4’6", has an Irish accent, a stutter. He’s super naive and excitable, and he always wants to explore and see new places and people. He has powers that let him charm and trick his enemies. In combat he uses mostly Illusion and Enchantment spells, and he’s got some rogue combat skills too.

My previous character was Ghar, Lawful Good human warlock/druid. I’ve had so many versions of him it’s actually insane. The original was pure warlock and super edgy. Think every emo teenager’s first OC.
Gradually over time he got a lot softer and a lot more druid. By the end of the campaign I played him in he was multi-classed warlock/druid, but I’ve since made a newer version that’s just straight Druid.
He was my first ever D&D character, so of course I’m attached to him, but he’s become a bit of a meme among my group due to how much I’ve changed him.

He’s usually fairly quiet, but he’s got a pretty short temper. He’s straight-forward and always quick to get to the point. His first priorities are almost always whatever task is at hand, and he doesn’t like to waste time. Despite this, he grows attached to people quite strongly and will always give his all to protect them.

In combat he uses elemental powers and can transform into elemental creatures.

Besides them, I’ve had a number of one-shot characters I’ve enjoyed playing:

Skald, the Half-Orc barbarian. He carries a gigantic hammer and has the nickname “The Smasher.” He has little in the way of aspiration other than making money by selling faulty weapons.

Boulder the Bolder, a Dwarf fighter. A hard-edged, foul-mouthed military commander. He’s highly impatient, is always looking for a fight, and carries tremendous respect for fellow soldiers.

Aoife Heverly, a half-elf wizard. She’s a 14-year old spoiled rich brat from an aristocratic family, and a magical prodigy. She graduated top of her class from over a dozen different mage colleges before she was 7. She likes to boast her wealth of knowledge in front of others, but she has a strong emotional attachment to her spellbook and cries incessantly if it’s ever lost.


I’ve played dungeons and dragons once… so I have none…

You didn’t even like the one character you played?

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I forgot who it was. lol
Probably a swordsman or archer type character

There are a ton of my Dungeons and Dragons characters I have enjoyed.

The first one I loved was my paladin of the ancients, Paidrag MacArdal. He was not a… traditional paladin. True, he wore shining armor, but he was dressed as a wild man, wearing a pot on his head, furs around his armor, and covering his boots with the skins of rabbits (called bunny slippers by other party members). He struggled to uphold his oath as a cynical man, one time cursing his goddess’ name when a party member died. Thus, he was cursed with a pact with her as punishment, taking upon the minor powers of a celestial warlock.
Eventually he would defeat the BBEG, and in a separate one-shot learned that he was the lost heir to a forest mansion. He defeated the Raven Queen guarding the mansion, and afterward became the lord of the forest. He had learned that death was a natural part of life, and to not fear it.

Brother Pontius (real name: Aetius Gaius) was an Aasimar Bard who acted like a benedictine monk. He played a harp. He was a master lore keeper, one who studied history and legends that were lost to write them down and have them once again remembered.
He came across a legendary object called the Cosmoglyph, where he learned omnipotent knowledge from the high god of the setting. After helping defeat an evil goddess named Ember and beating up a Demon King named Ugeroth, Pontius reclined back to his writing with the Cosmoglyph until the end of his days.

Rexsauru the Lizardfolk Moon Druid is just a fun character because I like roleplaying her getting used to human culture. However, she has also been uncovering a plot for the end of the world for the setting we are in.
Rexsauru is a fun character to play in combat for me because she wildshapes into dinosaurs. Deinonychus especially is fun for me to transform into.

Zakush is my most recent character. Originally he was a swashbuckler Dragonborn rogue who acted in a very Robin Hood-esque way. He went under the alias “The Shadow”. He stole from the rich and gave back to the needy. Part of it, however, was out of spite and revenge. Despite his stealing, he had a heroic attitude and believed people were capable of redemption. Unfortunately, he was cursed with lycanthropy near the end of the first game I planned to play him with, and was promptly killed by the party in his werewolf form, tragically.

However, I do plan on playing him again, this time in a different setting. This is the Dragonborn Pact of the Blade Warlock named Zakush Nemmonis. He was once a powder trader in the high seas, until one of his crewmates, a dark elf named Tinuvel Tal, betrayed him by telling pirates their next route. The supply of powder was stolen by the pirates, and Zakush was kidnapped by them and forced to talk. He was then left to die on a deserted island. He nearly starved to death until a magic blade washed ashore on the beach, and offered a pact to save his life. Zakush thus took upon the Pact of the Blade, got off the island, and now seeks revenge against all pirates!

Additional drawing: Tinuvel Tal, the Dark Elf Pirate.


Cool Characters and Rad illustrations!

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i am sad

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yooo these are nice!
Nice job!

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Why is that?

don’t rub it in you already know I’m a forever DM

also I can’t draw humanoids


what are you talking about it’s easy



No of course I can draw bacteria, it’s just humanoids.




Ghid is just displaying his character, the Ghid Old One.


Sea Elf Eldritch Knight Fighter Fathomless Warlock Named Trixie who thinks she is a cleric of deep Sashelas after being manipulated by Uk’otoa who is insane and best freinds with a wizard kobold named Bliz(another player) and Fighter/wizard goblin named Bliss(also another player) she also has a famliar who is an Otter named Cookies and pet kitten named Cream. the game is set in Matt Mercer’s Xhorhas Setting

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