Your favorite LEGO themes (system based)

Creator, Mixels and Minecraft for sure.

Mine are all older lines, since I haven’t gotten a system set for a while. I loved Exo-Force while it was running, even though I didn’t get many of the sets. Actually, same goes for Space Police (3, technically?), Power Miners, and Agents. Lego Star Wars is still one of my favorites, and one of the few that I’ve recently gotten a set from.

Exo-force, Atlantis, 2007 Castle, and Racers (except for Xalax).

Space Police III, Ninjago and Power Miners.

I only got into system post-G1 BIONICLE, so mainly Ninjago, Star Wars, and the LEGO Movie franchise.

Mars Mission, Alpha Team and Dino Attack always looked cool. Was never too big on Exo-Force but I like the concept of it.

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Hey guys, Today I want to ask you What are the best Lego themes?
Choose here what themes are the best!

  • Bionicle
  • Hero Factory
  • Racers
  • Ninjago
  • Nexo Knights
  • City
  • Friends
  • Vikings
  • Castles( in general)

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And I think Bionicle will have the most voters. We will see. Please tell me if I need to put more themes there


Ninjago is probably a better theme then Bionicle, but I don’t like it nearly as much.


Here I will list my top 10 favorite LEGO themes in order from best to bestest! (counting both System and constraction, since it was not worth making another topic)

2. Hero Factory
3. Racers
4. Ninjago
5. Knight’s Kingdom
6. Power Miners
7. Castle
8. Dino Attack
9. Space Police
10. Atlantis

Honorable mentions:

Mars Mission

Why can’t those themes come back? Really, maybe not all of them must come back, but we are in desperate need for a Space theme. We have not seen any Space since 2013 with Galaxy Squad. Also Castle needs to come back. Nexo Knights was a good theme, but it felt more Ninjago and Chima like rather then Castle like.

Alpha Team.

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I like Alpha Team, but I feel like it had weird villains and didn’t really felt like a spy theme. I feel Agents and Ultra Agents were better.

Which one do you think is better?

  • Mars Mission
  • Life on Mars

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EDITED FOR DOUBLE POSTING- Fry Cook of the Monsters

Did Life on Mars have this? Didn’t think so.


That game is from Mars mission and it’s awesome

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Crystal Conflict is a great game. I love it!

I voted LoM. It introduced the sand colors, the pneumatic transportation system, an unusual tapered windscreen, recolored battle droid arms and torsos, and the trans orange boulder.

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The Bionicle reboot sucked, a reboot of my favourite theme would suck as well

Eh… Not really. The sets were pretty good and a semnificant improvement from Hero Factory, the story was the real problem.
So, while it came as a dissapointment, it’s far from being that bad.

Reboots are not a good idea

It lasted two years, not the planned three, it failed to sell and was subsequently cancelled

That doesn’t necessarely mean it’s bad. Even though the story was lazy, the sets were pretty decent.

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I agree on that.

Reboots can work if executed well. The reason G2 failed was because of LEGO’s lack of love and care for the theme and poor marketing. If they are serious about making a proper reboot that can match the original (or even be better) reboots can be a good idea.
And once again, it wasn’t Bionicle who failed LEGO… It was LEGO who failed Bionicle.