Your favorite LEGO themes (system based)

So I was thinking about some of the older LEGO themes that I grew up with or that I just generally enjoy. Obviously Bionicle/Hero Factory takes the top spot, but then I got into more specifics that didn’t rely on constraction (someone please tell me if I’m using that correctly), eliminating Bionicle, Hero Factory, Star Wars build-able figures, and other sets like that from my choices. I would probably have to say that my favorite themes were/are (not necessarily in this order) Galaxy Squad, Alien Conquest, Marvel Super Heroes, the original Lego Racers, Aqua Raiders, and Exo-Force.

Now I’m asking all of you: what was/is your favorite non-constraction (system based) LEGO them(s)???

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Agents, for no reason other than nolstalga.

Same can be said for Power Miners.

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Rock Raders and Nexo Knights.

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Another vote for rock raiders here.

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The Lego movie
Power miners
The Lego batman movie

Tie between Exo force for its amazing robot minifigs who I love! And Mars mission just becuase that one is awesome!!!

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Mars Mission takes it.

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I forgot about Exo-force. Need to add that to the list.

#M I X E L S

Exo Force, Mars Mission, and Agents were pretty cool. They’re all pretty nifty.

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Castle in the 80’s

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Awesome! Always loved the drones and all those.

POWER MINERS!!! or Atlantis, one of the two.

Large scale racers sets
Model team
Creator expert vehicles
Speed champions

I enjoyed Ninjago’s first three years, and Mixels was a fun theme while it lasted.

Rock Raiders. Mars Mission. Exo-Force. Aqua Raiders. Alpha Team.

Picking between any of those five is impossible for me.

Aqua Raiders was the theme I couldn’t remember from before. I think it first came out when I was in elementary school (at least thats when I first heard about it), and i think it was the first theme that I became completely involved in.

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Ninjago’s a given, but I also like Elves for its amazing dragon designs.

Ninjago. Definitely Ninjago.

And Exo-Force, too. Mechs work, especially for 2006.

Exo-Force, Mars Mission, Ninjago, Atlantis, Power Miners, Agents. By the way that is ordered from from best to worst (but still favourites ya know).

Exo-Force, Aqua Raiders(both the old and later iterations), Space Police, Blacktron, and we can’t forget Rock Raiders/Power Miners.