Your Favorites

This isn’t a topic about you favorite shows, books, etc. This is a topic about small favorites, things like your favorite number, letter, color, etc. My favorite Color is red, my favorite letter is X, my favorite number seven, and my favorite direction left. What are some of yours?

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My favorite number is 999…


A favorites thread… cool OkFavoritesGo

Number: 11
Sport: soccer
Color: red
MOCing color: green
Weapon: buttload of swords
Word: no
Song: at the moment, this one

My favorite color is brown, my favorite number, 10, my favorite letter S.

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Color: orange
Number: idk
Letter: idk
Sport: Procrastination
Direction: lol idk

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Color: Royal Blue
Weapon: Spear/Staff/Blade On A Stick
Thing To Do: dream about rekking Obi-Wan Mess Around
Shape: Triangle

Color: Grey
Number: 17
Sport: Paf-ball
Direction: Yes
Genre: Probably future bass atm
Letter: None
Word: Effervescent or parenthetical

Color: Green
Number: 3 and 5
Sport: Football, Martial Arts, Swim, Airsoft/paintball(if that counts), marksmanship, archery.
Direction: Right, or if we do cardinal; West
Weapon: Sword and staff
Song: Ezio’s family Violin Cover by Taylor Davis.
Word: Hope

Sports:Soccer Basketball
Song:Ms. Jackson by Outkast

Color: Red… No Orange… I dunno…
Number: 101
Letter: W
Direction: North-East
Sports Team: Sports Team
Child Actor:

Door: My Closet Door is alright
Brick: Travis
Star Wars Location: Tatooine
Ride: Star Tours
Direct to DVD Movie: The Adventures of Clutch Powers
Bonkle YouTube Series: GresH Wars/ Bionicle School by BionicleTV21 (All da Feelz)
LEGO Magazine: June 2011
CMF Series: 8
Weird Minifigure: '06 Nuparu

Favorite color: Brown
Favorite number: 13
Favorite weapon: Nanomachines, son , flail
Favorite board members to talk to: @PekekoaOfJungle @Booster_Gold @Middlefingerstudios @LelouchViBritannia @RaptorTalon @Plural @BeefJStag @Political_Slime @JMP


favorite number potato
favorite color green
favorite direction everywhere
sw location endor
direct to dvd movie same as plural
bonkle yt series gako and rio and misadventures
sport hockey
country I don’t live in Canada or the uk
minifigure green team character from galaxy squad
door tardis

My favorite color is Green (No, really?) , my favorite number is 4, and my favorite letter is S.

My favourite Star Wars location? Umm, Tatooine, I guess.

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Color: Black, or white, depending on which of the two is “not a color”
Number: 49 (no idea why)
Letters: K, R, S, T
Sport: Soccer
Words: “mk”, “huh” etc.
Weapon: Halberd
Shape: Triangle
Songs: “You will Know Our Names”, “Mute City”, Celldweller’s “Birthright”, and Blue Stahli’s “Metamorphosis”.
Brick: 1x2 Half-width beam
YouTube Channel: Studio C
Message Boards User to talk with: @EMMSixteenA4, @Vuhii , @ColdGoldLazarus, @Tab
Message Boards User to pick on: @RaptorTalon, @Ekorak
Cast Member: Either @Eljay or @IllustriousVar
Quote: “Actions speak louder than words.”


Black is a shade and white is a tint

Girl-Smart but still funny
Quote-“Speak Softly and carry a big stick.”
Real element-Argent

Aw, thanks. :relaxed:

You wouldn’t say that if you knew him as well as I do. :laughing:


Shut it, you jerk. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Most of my conversations involve gifs…


color: green
letter: Q
number: 36, 12 and 4
weapon: Staff and all its varieties

I like Omnibuses.

I’m a fond of Zoids,