Your favourite jazz artists, scores, and styles

The title is pretty much self explantory, post what the title says!

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Does this count?

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That doesn’t count for me, but it’s still jazz. I mean pieces by people like John Coltraine, Miles Davis, Horace Silver. I did like though.

ooohhhh…Nah, I don’t know any jazz :stuck_out_tongue:

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this is mine


These two probably tie for my favorites:

I love jazz pieces that incorporate a bossa-type feel.

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John Coltrane has always been a favourite of mine.

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jazz meets rock

Jazz Guitarist and music college student here. I love all kinds of stuff; contemporary Jazz like Kurt Rosenwinkel, Kenny Wheeler, Gilad Hekselman, Pat Metheny and Snarky Puppy, Hard Bop guys like Dexter Gordon and Hank Mobley, ‘Cool Jazz’ kind of stuff like Jim Hall and Chet Baker, and of course Modal stuff like Miles, Bill Evans and Coltrane.

The above is some of the stuff I’ve been listening to in the last few months, but I’m into pretty much anything really when it comes to Jazz. Kenny Wheeler’s ‘Sweet Time Suite’ might be oneof my favorite pieces of music of all time.