Your Halo Spartan!

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So I have recently been getting more and more invested in Halo, and I plan on buying one of the 360 games (Reach) soon, but as I was looking at the armor in the game, I began to wonder..

"Huh, the folks on the boards likes Halo..I wonder what their spartans look like?"


Man I wish I could take screenshots of my reach spartan. (The one I'm most proud of).

Sadly my Xbox is packed up.


There's a program that lets you preview the Spartan armor in Reach, and I made a couple variations to the armor I used when playing Reach. Reach had my favorite armor, so I spent a lot of time getting credits to unlock the coolest stuff. I'll drop a screenshot once I'm back on my computer.

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Can I have a link to this program?

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Here be me

I was so glad they remade reach's commando for this game, it was the armor I wore in reach.

They're also adding more of the reach armor next update.


Woah, neat stuff!

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You can find it if you look up Vanity Reach Armor. It's a tad unstable, the program occasionally crashes for no reason, but from what I've seen it's safe.

This is about what I rolled with in Reach, remade in Vanity. I played Reach more than any other Halo game, so I ended up with a lot of cool stuff. In every Halo game I run with the ODST helmet and these colors though, it just looks so nice.


Nice stuff! I tried to download vanity, but it wont work.

Yeah, it's a .zip file if I remember correctly, so there's some relatively technical stuff you have to do to unpack it. I know that you used to be able to look up your GamerTag on Bungie's site and find your profile in Reach there, but I'm pretty sure that service is down now that Bungie split ways with Microsoft.

Here's me, my other account got deleted, so i had to start over


I have some stuff to post, but I don't have anything to post.

My armour is literally just Felix from RVB, but green and blue. :laughing:

I'm hoping to make it more unique when I get Halo 5. There are so many armours to choose from in that game...


What Halo games do you have?

1, 2, 3, 3 ODST, and 4.


(I just watched your avatar change....spooky)

Anyway, I am looking at getting Halo reach, so yey.


I believe you can go on bungie's website and check out other players armor. My gamertag Bombbox48.

ehem 343 and the website is halo's site "halowaypoint"



current Reach armor

current 4 armor

I'll get a pic of my H5 one later


Mine is pretty scrubby cuz I don't own the game and I've gotten all of my XP through splitscrren. I'll get a pic when I have the chance