Your Heat Tolerance?

What is your tolerance to hot food (spicy and general hot), hot temperature in your area, and hot surfaces?

(This image probably doesn’t please your eyes, does it?)


Heat doesn’t bother me at all.

I just hate cold.

Probably anything beyond sriracha, or just a sample cup of sriracha filled to the brim.

Spicy food level from 1 being wimp to 10 being Ghost pepper a day no problem, I’m gonna say a 2.
I can be comfortable-ish up to 105 degree (although I don’t like it being that hot) weather down to 50 degree weather.
Surfaces? Hmm, I guess I have an above average tolerance, but nothing extraordinary there.

Heat tolerances you say? Let’s see if I can give a good idea on what mine are.

Food: I have had spicy food before, but I need either milk or soda near by just in case what I am eating is really spicy (It’s worth it though. Spicy food is so freaking good)

Temperature: I am not good with hot summer days. I’d say I am more adapt to winter time.

Hot Surfaces: I am going to say I know when to touch and when not to touch… So I am not quite sure what my tolerance is there.

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I can’t stand a lot of hot stuff. It’s kind of sad that my face turns red when I eat the nachos at school. Oh well.

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If anyone’s wondering, the image depicts Tahu holding tahu.


I don’t like having a spicy exit route, so I don’t eat spicy foods.


I can stand slightly spicey foods, I think I have a higher tolerance to hot food than normal, but I’m not sure, and can barely tolerate temperatures above 82 degrees, I’m not really sure how cold I can get, as I have never had to deal with temperature under 40 degrees, and have only had to deal with temperatures below 50 for a few hours.

Lets see…
Food: pretty great here, usually a glass of water is all I need for something like a spicy salsa.
Freaking horrible. I can’t stand it when it’s above 73 inside and yet outside it’s usually upwards of 74 year round (yes that is in fahrenhiet) 71 is what I consider normal tempurature, for days that are around 30 I just need a thin jacket and pants, ironicaly it’s never cold here and always hot. Might I also add that I hate cold wind. I can take cold tempuratures no problem, but add in winds and I start to get uncomfortable.
Good for the first five seconds, anything after that and it’s either bad or average.

Food: I love, love, love spicy food. Doesn’t mean I’m good at eating it though.
Temeprature: I love the heat so much, I wish it was like 30 celcius everyday.
Surfaces: Owchie! No…

I’m not a fan of spicy foods but I can stand a little heat.

Spicy food kills my mouth and stomach, so I generally avoid it.

Eh, I prefer colder temperatures.

Well, it can burn you, sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…

The best strategy I’ve had for dealing with extreme pain/temperatures is basically getting into that mindset of “Screw it”. That being said I prefer colder temperatures (you can only take off so many clothes) and I have a fairly high tolerance to spicy foods.

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Spicy food… Not happening, I don’t do hot.

I can do some spicy foods but not much.
I can’t do hot temperatures cause I sweat madly.
Hot surfaces I wouldn’t do.

I am not very good with spicy foods and can tolerate them but not much else.
I absolutely hate the heat of summer which is why I rarely go outside on those days
Me and my friends have competitions to see who can stand on the blazing hot concrete the longest so I guess my tolerance there is pretty high.

I’d say wasabi’s my limit, and i hate that stuff anyways, but it’s just to compare.
I can handle cold weather pretty well, i could wear a T-■■■■■ anyday, if it weren’t for the frequent rain periods. Except that one winter when i was in Germany and it was -20 or something.
I don’t know how well i stand hot temperatures as they’re pretty much non existent here, except like one out of every 5 summers, in wich case i’m by a pool or inside.

As far as heat as in temperature is concerned I like it a lot. As far as hot food (still temperature though) I like it as well.

As far as spicy food is concerned I hate it plz burn it at the stake. Except those supposedly spicy chicken nuggets at Wendy’s I can’t fathom why but I really like those.

I’m not heat tolerant at 25 C I’l start sweating xd. the tradeout is that I wear t shirts the entire year and am pretty cold resistand.