Your Least Favorite/Most Disappointing Sets from 2016

I’m actually surprised this wasn’t made, especially when the counterpart already exists.

Anyways, I got to say that I’m pretty content with my 2016 sets.

So on to disappointments.

Probably the biggest disappointment for me was when I saw the Black Knight Mech had fixed knees, especially after the King’s Mech had knees. Not a bad set though, just after the King’s mech, I thought knees had finally returned.

Now discuss away!

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Ketar, obviously. I mean, I don’t hate him, but he’s the worst that I got.


I was thoroughly disappointed with Pohatu UoS and Gali UoW. Didn’t think Ketar was as bad as everyone says.


The nexo knights ultimate sets, it cost me $12 to get robin, not only were they stupidly overpriced, the designs were, for the knights- ugly candy colored ranger knock offs, and for the villains- designs that were inferior to the basic figures.

Gali and lewa were frankly poorly designed, gali had awful legs, and lewa had awful arms, pohatu’s arms were also pretty bad, but at least they weren’t lewa’s.


I still have a couple more sets from this year I want to consider, but of the ones I currently have, Ketar was…underwhelming; the runt of the creatures. I mean there’s still some qualities to this set that I’ve come to enjoy in person over time, but of the creatures he fells like such an oddity in certain aspects, mainly functionally.

Gali’s proportions and inferiority to her previous form came to bother me to the point of disassembling her for parts(something I regret now that I’m a hop and a skip away from having all of G2). Lewa was also a bit of a let down, but wasn’t all that difficult to improve with what pieces I have.

Additionally, don’t exactly dislike the beasts, but they aren’t amazing and certainly don’t hold up as Bionicle’s last wave. They’re just kind of alright- perhaps too mediocre to be interesting. I suppose I was expecting to like them more than I do, considering how much 2015’s undead grew on me. That was, of course, kind of a disappointment.


I have seen so many people say Uniter Pohatu’s arms are bad, and I can’t imagine why someone would think that (besides maybe the trans on trans lower arms)

Could you elaborate, if you don’t mind?

I actually really liked Pohatu’s arms. They gave nearly the same poseability, with some more back and forth shoulder movement. Also, speaking of shoulders, Kopaka’s are rather bad, I appreciate the effort to make something new, but it didn’t work.

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The most dissapointing sets for me, were because of the prices.
The new AT-ST ($70)
The Imperial Assault Hovertank ($60).

Other than that, I liked all of the Ninjago ones, and all the Star Wars sets were great, it was just the price on those two.

Also the fact that LEGO is making me pay $60 for the Thrawn minifig, considering the rest of the Phantom set is so bland.

Most people have a problem with the completely trans lime lower arms, but for me it’s the upper arms that are the problem,
They’re wafer thin and look awful from any direction than directly forward.

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Well, neither Ketar nor the beasts are great sets so I guess I’ll go with that.


The function was horrible, the build was strange, and it was overall just a bad set. (Skull Scorpio 2.0!)

This set was actually decent, but it just wasn’t up to my expectations.
(Gaps, gaps, oh the gaps.)

#75159 DEATH STAR.

Oh this was bad. There’s holes everywhere, It’s extremely messy, and it was overall the biggest dissapointment for me.
(The TIE fighter was the only good part!)


Do you live in australia? Because they seem very high for us or canadian dollars

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Batman and Harley Quinn bike chase’s bikes weren’t that good…
is it bad that’s the only Lego set I can remember buying this year?

The nexo knights power pack thingy mabobbers. All you can use them for is the dumb app. Like I guess you get a minifig but to be honest its not that good.

Yup. But even in Australia, in previous waves they would have been $40, maybe $45, and $50 sets. Not $60 and $70.

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My least favorite set from 2016 was [75132 First Order Battle Pack] (LEGO 75132 First Order Battle Pack | Brickset).

Not only would I say it’s the worst set of '16, I would also give it the title of worst battle pack period. Three of the four minifigs are useless for armybuilding and the build is just a downsized turbolaser with the worst possible fire power, a single stud. I wouldn’t say it’s a horrifyingly awful set, but compared to its brethren, it’s definitely the worst.

As for the most disappointing? All of the Uniters quickly come to mind.

Although I’ve only had a hands-on experience with two of the six Toa, I have seen the other four through online reviews and pictures and I wasn’t impressed at all. 2015 as a whole was a darn near perfect year for BIONICLE with the Masters acting as the poster children. Then 2016 rolled along and now most of them turned into greebled messes with crippling awful color schemes and weapons that lack any uniqueness (aside from Onua). Sure, they might have custom limbs, but they just don’t look good. Yes, you can make their pelvises move, but it’s a less than decent function when compared to the previous year’s gearbox.

They aren’t the worst sets I’ve ever seen, but they are definitely not the best by any stretch of the imagination.


Let’s see:

-Kopaka has a huge broadsword and a shield-gun hybrid.
-Tahu has extending flame swords that combine into a staff.
-Lewa has bladed tonfas.
-Pohatu has a spear/kusarigama hybrid.
-Gali has a modified glaive/naginata (i don’t know polearm types that well, so I might be wrong) with a saw blade thing and hand-guard.

I don’t mean to bash your opinion in any way, but I fail to see how you came to that conclusion. If anything, 2015 had worse weapons, Gali and Lewa both had axes!


Let’s REALLY look at their weapons.

Tahu has two sticks with a sword at the end.

Pohatu has a stick with a sword at the end.

Gali has a stick with a sword at the end

Lewa has two smaller sticks with a bigger sword at the end

Kopaka has a smaller stick with two swords at the end.

All of their weapons are basically the same thing with some slight deviation. Oh wow! Tahu’s sword can flip out! How unique and special! Woah! Pohatu’s staff has a boulder at the end! Amazing!

Are you really arguing 2015’s weapon line-up is worse than 2016’s? Sure, Tahu and Kopaka shared the same blade piece and Lewa and Gali shared the same ax, but the way they used said pieces is what made their weapons unique. Tahu had two giant swords while Kopaka had a formidable shield. Lewa had twin axes while Gali had a giant trident.

All of the weapons felt unique and different, something 2016 totally lacked.


I could say the same for 2016. The same blade pieces are used, but in way that make them unique and add flair to the characters. You’re saying that Tahu’s weapons are similar to Lewa’s? They’re fundamentally different types of weapons - the only ones that are truly similar are Gali and Pohatu’s, and they’re only the same general type of weapon.

Yes, how could I disagree with you? After all, only you have the right opinions. How dare I think differently.