Your Lego Bucket List

So what are some Lego related things you want to do someday?
Here’s my list:

Build a G1 Devastator.

Build a Rotf Devastator.

Paint a kanohi.

Buy multiple of a large set (Example: 10 Star Destroyers) and get as close as I can to a properly scaled version of that set with just those pieces.

Make a mold of a kanohi and melt down a (or how many are required) kanoka into it to IRL forge a mask of power!


Oh my gosh


Get lotsa parts lots for Bionicle/Technic/Knights/Hero Factory parts

Brush up on painting/art skills to customize masks

Make atleast 25 or more mocs that I can keep


Finish collecting all of Bionicle G1.

Get all of Bionicle G2.

Learn how to make custom molds in order to make my own Kanohi.


Buy a large lot of constraction parts from eBay.
Buy either '01 Tahu, Kopaka, or Lewa.
Make a Constractionformer.
I’m actually currently working on one, though I had to scrap what I got because I couldn’t find a way to fold the arms and legs in. At least, not a way that looks any good.

Edit: I got an eye on a LEGO lot that’s just what I’m looking for, so that’s good.

Edit again: It’s mine! I got a constraction lot that seems to have all 6 '01 Toa, plus some throwbot parts!


And @Political_Slime can tell you how. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d like to finish my 20+ Community MOCs, preferably without taking any apart.


1- Make a Bio-Former
joke 2- Make a good Mafia game… wait… wrong list!
serious 2- Get Pohatu, PoJ, PoF, and PoW
3- Make an apple MOC.

Complete an entire collection of everything Bionicle, including the random toys like the Barraki squirtgun. I might need to cheat and use Shapeways for the Platinum Avohkii and G2 14k gold masks.

Add to that a complete collection of all the combiner/alternate models.

Recreate all of the canonized fan-mocs such as the Dark Hunters and Rahi.

MOC all of the characters we haven’t seen a physical form of.

Display all of this on the walls in my glorious man-cave, along with a huge building station in the middle of the room for MOCing.


Watch all 4 Bionicle movies with 10 friends in a theater.
Hey, you said Lego related.


Someday I’m gonna collect every Bionicle set in existence. Then I’ll buy more so that I can make all the available Rahi combi-models, buy several Bionicle Master Builder Kits, and buy pieces to make however many Dark Hunters I can guess from looking at the pictures. I hope to make the ultimate Bionicle universe.

Also I hope to get all the collectibles.


Build human sized versions of my selfMOC’s mask and sword.

Get a whole lot of BIONICLE parts and have huge armies of BIONICLE figures in my room.

Compose an original soundtrack for my MOCs.

Maybe, just maybe, build with system again.


Collect all the BIONICLE sets, G1 and G2.

Make a life sized kiril out of system bricks.

Get a ton of masks.

Build an ultimate collector series set costing more the $300.00 .

Film a brickfilm I’m actually happy with.

Collect at least one of each Bionicle Kanohi.

Sort all my Bionicle pieces.

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Man, you guys are a hive mind aren’t you.


Wasn’t it obvious?

Hey I didn’t say every set, I said one of every Kanohi. :stuck_out_tongue:

-Collect all the Kanohi of every color(aside from those ultra rare ones like yellow rurus and platinum haus)

-MoC all da cool people


Uh… Let’s get back on topic. 'Cause I don’t get a clue. :stuck_out_tongue:

Adding on to my list:

  • Make a Political_Slime MOC.
  • Make a Rahi MOC that’s actually a titan set.
  • Make other MOCs that I will figure out as I go.

My bucket list:

Buy all of the bionicle and ninjago 2015 summer sets

buy a lego case for my iPhone

watch all of the lego movie spin offs and sequels that are due to come out in the next 3 years