Your Opinion on Avatar Trends

Given that recently a lot of hate has grown towards these what do you think of em?

Are they fun and don’t understand why people are mad?

Or do you despise them and think they should end?

Here is the topic to discuss it.


There’s nothing wrong with them inherently, it just gets old.


I don’t normally hate avatar trends

before today, they were benign and weren’t really hurting anyone

I mean, they weren’t original in any way

but they weren’t so unoriginal that it annoyed me

the Condiments pass that barrier

they don’t look cool

they don’t make me laugh

they don’t have a point

and it almost feels like the people in MESSAGE are intentionally trying to push the limits of how stupid and “random” these trends can get


Avatar Trends are a double-edged sword.

If you’re part of one, you think it is cool, because everyone has a little bit of an ego, and anything with yourself is better.
If you aren’t, however, your ego is hurt. You think that trend sucks becaue you aren’t a part of it, and you want to be.


Just do whatever tickles your pickle. I haven’t seen anything offensive trending.


I honestly think changing your picture to something stupid on purpose isn’t funny
what if I went and made 20 people change their profile picture to MS paint scribbles
oh wait
you guys did that.

I basically agree with everything vuhii said

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They don’t need a point from my perspective. When we use them we just think it’s funny for us, like when liking a post and you see a line of condiments, I just find it funny.

We aren’t trying to hurt anyone, just having fun withourselves.


This sums it up, basically.


I literally just changed my avatar to a bottle of relish. I didn’t make a statement saying that people were better than others. I didn’t exclude people from joining. I just wanted to make a stupid joke, something to distract people from the (now unoriginal) lime trend. But apparently I can’t do that without sparking stupid controversy.


Now this, pot8o, is such a load of crap. YOU have done this numerous times on Skype. You cannot seriously act like you are above this.


Why is this an issue?

All we’re having is pointless fun. This is NOT against the rules and is completely OK.

If you have a problem with it, just ignore it. Don’t take it personally.

(Plus I find this condiment thing to be actually funny, but OK. We all have difference preferences when it comes to humor.)


TTV was practically founded through an avatar trend on BZPower.

(Technically they were banners, but basically the same thing.)


The Mods have spoken. This be their decree:
“Chillax. Pointless fun may be pointless, but, well, it’s fun.”


but I never changed it to a bottle of ketchup
at least I didnt do that
Thats gonna be on my resume

Yeah, that makes such a big difference. Good to see you’re making a positive change in the world.


Well I think points have been made, and avatar trends are apparently cool with ttv.

So now I will continue using my heinz ketchup bottle, and if anyone gets annoyed or feels excluded cause of it, well I guess your problem really.


I appreciate it.
You meanie.


Trendy avatars are HILARIOUS

Feeling left out? Just hop on in! You’ll be part of the in-crowd for a solid 8 hours!

I was going to post a lengthy, long winded paragraph on why it’s clique-ish and annoying to folks who aren’t in on the joke, but I honestly don’t care enough. Some of us will take it personally, some of us won’t. Some of us will find it annoying, some of us won’t. Do what you want. Our opinions on something completely legal don’t really matter.


The more I look at this post the more I feel slightly irritated
maybe because it was kind of uncalled for in terms of being mean

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I mean, anyone can hop on the joke. It’s not Masters-Exclusive. Look at Blu. She isn’t a master. She is still part of the joke.


Honestly they don’t annoy me. I kinda think they’re funny, and I think the only reason I don’t do them is because I want to stand out by not using them.