Your own Ideas for Alternate Universes in G1 Bionicle

What are your ideas for all the different ways things could have gone wrong (or better) in the Bionicle universe? I’ve always loved the concept, regardless of how “confusing” it supposedly makes things and came up with a few of my own and hope that you will to. And please, don’t create any for Hero Factory or G2, if you really want to come up with some for those, I’ll make some separate topics.
My AUs

Age of the Makuta
Locations: The Great Spirit Robot, Mata Nui, Aqua Magna
History: In this universe when the Makuta revealed themselves to be a malevolent force, most of the Toa shirked the Toa code and sided with the Makuta. Together they put an end to the many of the Dark Hunters and conquered all of the GSR. Millennium passed and soon Mutran invented the Shadow Leech. The Makuta used this to infect some of the Matoran under their rule as tests and the Toa, along with replacing many of the Matoran of Metru Nui’s masks with Immoral masks to cull rebellion. Soon, the Makuta realized that even now the Matoran still acted like something was missing, and the Makuta decided that it was the leadership of the Turaga. The Makuta put together a team of Toa who had fulfilled their destiny, those being Tuyet, Nidiki, and unnamed Toa of Fire, Ice, Stone and Earth. They used their power to create thirty-six Toa stones, giving them to select groups of the most Loyal, Violent, or Sadistic Matoran they could find. Soon, the world fell into a sort of oppressive peace. The Matoran constantly lived under the heel of the Makuta and their Shadow Toa army, yet, there was no war or hardship. Eventually, through infighting, many of the Makita wiped eachother out, with only the most powerful remaining and controlling the Shadow Toa from the shadows.

The Infinite Destiny War
Locations: The Great Spirit Robot, Mata Nui, Aqua Magna
History: In this Universe the Order of Mata Nui revealed itself much earlier than it did in the core universe. This lead to the first OMN war with the Brotherhood of the Makuta (which does not abbreviate well). Several smaller wars eventually were simply combined into the Infinite Destiny War by archivists. As of now, the OMN have control over Voya Nui, Metru Nui, and several unnamed Islands near Artahka and Karzani, whereas the Brotherhood of Makuta control generally anything else.

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*Genderbent universe definitely.

*Another is where the efforts of Mata Nui to restore Spherus Magna are forgotten, and all but a few of the Toa Nuva are still living thousands of years later, including Gali, Tahu and Pohatu. But the three have become very estranged, with Tahu becoming a ruthless tyrant after becoming effected by Visorak venom , Gali a nomad and Pohatu a drunkard who’s forgot who he was besides that he was a Toa.

*Where the early ideas and plans for G1’s first three years are canon and the GSR was awakened after the defeat of the Makuta

*What if the Mata became Hordika

*Makuta overtaking Takutanuva

*If the Mata were launched at Voya Nui instead of Mata Nui

*Teridax winning his fight with Mata Nui on Bara Magna

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One where Makuta defeated the Toa Metru during the Great Cataclysm, a universe where the Matoran of Metru Nui awoke with Teridax as their Great Spirit and knew no other.


Gotta have one where the other Makuta turned on Teridax once they learned all of his plan, and instead worked together to take over Mata Nui!


An alternate universe where Mata Nui and Teridax both died during the battle on Bara Magna, therefore, Mata Nui was never able to fully restore Spherus Magna. The beings from the Matoran universe and Bara Magna are forced to form a shakey alliance to start a new life in the wasteland. I’ve had an idea for a story taking place many years after this event, where it’s almost a Mad Max type of furture where it’s pretty much every man for himself and Toa are hunted for sport/rite of passage by some gangs.


Here’s an idea-

Destiny Seer:
In this alternate universe, the Toa Inika were defeated by the Mask of Life-bearing Piraka early on, and were subsequently dumped into the sea. Being that the Mask of Life had a will of its own, it tore itself from the Piraka’s hands and dove in after the fledgling Toa. Thanks to the power of the Mask of Life, the Inika were saved, transformed into the Toa Mahri. Thus began the events of Mahri Nui, earlier than expected.
But Teridax had not planned for this. He was still trapped within the Piraka’s antidermis vat. He had to escape, and fast, if he wanted to enact the next part of his scheme. Nothing a little mind manipulation couldn’t fix. All it took was a split Vezok to fix that. Unsure of what to do next, Teridax finds a particularly useful tool in an old accomplice- Karzahni.

The story would revolve around Teridax consulting Karzahni on the various alternate futures to come up with the best way to enact his master plan. It would be fun to look into the mind of Teridax and play around with tons of different possiblities.


Matau Hordika is unable to convince Vakama Hordika to be good again despite a valiant effort, and Matau falls to his death while Vakama remains permanently on Roodaka’s side. The other four, Norik, and Keetongu somehow escape the coliseum with their lives but with none of the Matoran and now have to figure out how to get the Matoran out another way and with 2 less people.

Vakama defecting was a terrible plot point to begin with so it would be interesting to see what would happen if we just fully embraced it.


An alternate timeline where the great cataclysm damaged the great spirit robot to the point it is rendered immobile. When/if Teridax takes control of the Matoran universe, he finds that he cannot use the robot or any of it’s major functions. As war rages inside the Matoran universe, the only hope for victory on both sides is the mask of life and the great spirit trapped inside.


This would have been preferable to what we got in 2010.


I see G2 as sort of an alternate personally.

Well, I mean, your opinion is your opinion, but Greg has confirmed that there is and never was any connection, and that no such connection was intended. I really don’t like the idea that they’re connected because of the oversimplification of G2. No offense.

Oh I never heard about that. There’s one question answered I guess

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Yeah, It was something I wondered about to, but I still feel like G2 had a lot of squandered potential. It could have really been great.

I always wanted to canonize the non canon commercials and the non canon video games, board gamed and unused or non canon story material in their own universes because since there is a Bionicle multiverse of sorts, why not canonize those stories as their own universes

I also want to see a universe where the Toa Hordika were never cured and became Turaga Hordika and how the Matorans on Mata Nui (and the GSR inhabitants for that matter) would have handled the presence of increasingly more bestial Turaga and run their villages without Turaga guiding them and the possibility that without the Turaga to give them the knowledge on how to summon the Toa Mata and find the hidden Avohkii that Mata Nui would die and all those remaining in the GSR post the Great Cataclysm die with him


I want to see a universe where Takua slips and falls into lava and dies before finding the Avohkii in Mask of Light.


I like both of these.

@ToaNoah_Wafflemeister So that would mean that the mask would never be found, so in the end the Rahkshi would win, and by proxy, Makuta.


But it’d also be funny!


Yes, it would be. Very.


Thanks man

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An alternate universe where the Ignika and Vahi were swapped, in that the Vahi had a will of its own and was the key to reviving Mata Nui, while the mask of life was forged and used by Vakama. The main thing I find interesting is the possibility of some kind of Toa Vahi, and also a less naive sentient mask.