Your Piece collection Status

I doubt there is a similar topic for this. I’m mostly posting this for advice, and for opinions/discussion.

What do you do with your pieces? Do you keep them assembled for your favorite creations, or do you constantly take apart and rebuild for greater flexibility? What does your collection of unused spare parts look like, big or small, interesting or dull?

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I will never take apart any of my current MOCs. They will stay assembled until I die or am forcibly made to do so!

I have an extremely dwindled parts collection because of it, though! I have a bunch of kinda useful little Technic bits and masks and such in a tiny box that’s overflowing, but I don’t have enough of them to make any substantial MOC anymore.

I also have a massive bin filled with useless giant pieces, mostly specialized limbs and bodies and other crap like that I’ll never use!


Same here, though some mocs I reconstruct from time to time, revamping the character but never straight-up scrap it.

I cannot fathom a situation where this would happen

Ditto. Collecting Bionicle parts over the years has left me with tons of outdated or useless pieces, that’s kinda why I like how CCBS still has a lot of it’s older parts still in use.

As for builds it varies from MOC to MOC, sometimes I keep them or scavenge their parts.

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I rarely take apart my mocs. I do on occasion, when parts are needed. But choosing which ones is always hard. Even if I don’t particularly like said moc, they all have a story behind each one. So yeah… parts can go from plentiful one moment to scarce the next. It sometimes forces me to be creative with mocing though.

As for the collection itself, I actually got organized in recently, which is real nice. They are in loosely assort drawers. Makes finding things easier.

I like to keep my loose parts separated by color and function in bins. I took apart all my MOCs, save my favorite couple, and from their ashes rose my collection of assembled sets. I have over 70 different sets completed now, most on display.

I have really small part collection for making mocs so take my least favorite creation apart to make better ones.

I have been making simple mocs and such for the past five years but only really got into it about a year ago.

I keep the MOCs that hold the greatest places in my heart together, occasionally taking a part or two from them for a temporary MOC, and giving the parts back afterwards. I take apart all the sets I get eventually, aside from my Ninjago mechs, Star Wars spaceships, and constraction Jango.

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I can

“I am the ghost of MOCing future! Come with me and see what your life will be like if you do not change your ways and destroy the MOCs that hold you down!”

hood falls off, face revealed to be familiar elitist MOCer

Anyway, a lot of my “favorite pieces” I will either have in a current MOC or put on some axle where I keep a lot of such parts. I am cycling through taking apart those MOCs, most of mine stay together for about a month to half a year.

Not counting the mass amount of system that’s “in storage”, my Barnacle/Technic/CCBS collection is pretty sizable. Right now it’s in 10 drawers categorized by type, such as shells, bones, and pins. There’s also smaller drawers containing small system parts that I commonly use (such as elements for articulated hands) and tires, and another drawer containing overspecialized parts that I’ll probably never use.


If i had to take apart a koc to make a new one and the character is in a story, i would have the character die so u can use the pieces

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Well, I somehow can’t bring myself to take apart my Bionicle sets with them beinig so nicely on display and such. Though I was forced to raid them of parts in order to build better MOCs recently … Brutaka is missing one piece, Jaller Inika two, Chirox is missing his wings, Mutran is just a feetless, maskless, wingless, handless skeleton with my revamp of him being in existence and from four of the six 2015 Toa these ball thingies they use in their shoulders were confiscated for MOCs, too.

Which leaves me partwise - with three MOCs assembled - at a, admittedly, not small box with parts, but I feel like at least 50% of those are Mata and Inika build stuff, masks, weapons and armor. I’m lacking the small pieces to build more MOCs. I even once ran out of Technic pinaxles.

So I’m pretty much forced to take apart something in order to build a new MOC and mostly those happen to be older MOCs. I often wonder what potential lies in the parts displayed in the form of sets on my shelves, but I just can’t bring myself to take my near complete collection apart on a greater scale.

I know exactly how you feel. Except with mocs instead of sets.