Your thoughts on Doctor Who?

Hi Greg,

Long-time fan here! I seem to recall you mentioning some time ago that you followed Doctor Who. What are your favorite Doctors and companions? Do you have any thoughts on the recent seasons?


I actually think this season so far has been the strongest in a long time. My favorite Doctors are Tom Baker, Capaldi, and probably Eccleston. I think where the show ran into a problem is with the decision to a) make Tennant a romantic hero and bog the show down in romances and wanna-be romances and b) the decision, circa Matt Smith, that the show was about the companions, not the Doctor.


Congratulations! Your opinion is right!

Thanks for responding! I definitely agree about Tennant’s era having too much focus on romance. Speaking of Tom Baker, if you don’t mind a follow-up question, what would you say your favorite serials from the classic series are?


Pyramids of Mars is definitely way up there. Horror of Fang Rock. Oh, and Talons of Weng-Chiang!


Excellent choices! Gotta love Robert Holmes.

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