You're Dumed! (Toa Dume)

Hey everyone! I present to you my version of Toa Dume, Toa of Fire!

Creating him was a tricky process compared to other MOCs I’ve made, since I wanted him to look similar to the usual Metru design, but also have a more archaic feel as well. Because of that, I tried to be more experimental with the torso build, and had to look for armor pieces that could both resemble ones from the Metru sets and pass as early versions of those pieces.

Because of this, the tube design felt right in order to give it a more industrial look, as well as extra heartlights (the pole in the middle connector piece is meant to be trans blue as well, but Studio was being annoying and made it look black instead).

While Toa Dume has no canonical weapon of choice, I decided to go with a disc launcher since BSO1 states that he used one on occasion. Like with the Metru sets, he’s able to hook it onto his back as well.

(Source: Dume - BIONICLEsector01)

Since my version of Dume resembles a prototype Metru build, his disc launcher also had to reflect that. The laser sight was inspired by Kopaka’s Phantoka design, and gives it an interesting flair as well. The silver wing pieces were added to give it a more interesting sillouette and to resemble a older model of Vakama’s launcher. My headcanon is that Vakama was inspired by Dume to take up a disc launcher.

Like with my previous MOC, his mask is a custom piece by galva_nize_. Also, the red shoulder armor are custom variants, and will require a red paint job. Besides those pieces, everything else is in their existing colors.

That’s about it. Thanks for reading!

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I haven’t seen many Toa Dume MOCs that I’ve liked but there’s something about the ingenuity of disguising its Metru torso along with the silhouette and color-blocking that really appeals to me. Definitely seeing some new designs such as the chest build and foot design. And the disk launcher looks amazing, some of the elements remind me of the Mistika so it ends up looking like a completely new weapon.

Needless to say, this will probably influence the way I imagine how he looked as a toa now.


That chest armour is cool.


I love the idea that Vakama’s disk launcher may have been inspired by Dume’s. Great launcher design.


ooh very interesting
I like the “prototype armor” aesthetic you were going for, and the disk launcher looks great.


A delightfully creative design for Toa Dume. Doesn’t rely too heavily on black, but works well with it. The only thing I’m not quite sure about is the shoulders, they’re a little spindly and strange. Although, I love the tube motif across the chest. The launcher is well-constructed too.


I seem to recall him having a hammer instead of a gun

That idea is popular in the community, but Dume’s Toa Tool has never been officially revealed.


Yup! I figured you all have seen plenty of versions of Dume’s hammer, so I opted for something more original instead.

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Wow thank you, that’s high praise! Glad to be a part of your headcanon :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you! I’m glad you think they looks strange, my goal was to make them seem a bit odd in design to go with the prototype theme. They’re kinks that were later straightened out with the Toa Metru’s design.