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First off: This is NOT a topic for advertising Youtube channels. I was just sitting here watching through a bunch of videos, continually getting ads for "Bojack Horseman" beforehand, and I realized that no-one seems to have made a topic for discussing Youtube's advertisements yet.

So. Does anyone have any amusing ads to share, any stories or anything?
I'll start off: about a year ago, because of Youtube's ad-tailoring system and my watching habits (basically MLP and Transformers videos, mostly), I was getting 50/50 of two different ads - one with that weightlifter(?) guy who was advertising steak or something, and ads for the new Equestria Girls dolls. Neither of which I cared about in the slightest.

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those devry university ads WHO INVENTED 15 SECOND UN SKIPABLE ADS AND THEY ARE ON ALL OF MY VSAUCE VIDEOS really they are annoying

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I propose that the US government use these as a new form of torture.


The unskippable Bud Light commercials I get are the reason I will never see myself drinking beer in the future.


You can find me by-


I used to see these Statefarm ads that were 15 seconds, and unskippable.
They featured Rob Schneider

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I was about to watch a Transformers Fall of Cybertron video and there was an ad for the game before the video. But that's about it.

Do you guys ever get 5 second ads THAT HAVE A "YOU CAN SKIP IN 5..." BUTTON!?! Good lord those get on my nerves.


I've never seen one of those myself, though I have occasionally gotten a minute-and-a-half-long one without a "YOU CAN SKIP IN 5..." button.

You'll run into them eventually. I know they definitely pop up on console (Wii U, PS3, etc.) youtube.

Dude, you officially have my sympathy.


13 minutes of my life I'll never get back, then I got Adblock plus, forget support, five-10 minutes of stuff you don't care about before a video you do care about and then occasionally adds in the middle of the video are outrageous, then if you click on another video the ads follow you until you watch them then they go away, forget that, ADBLOCK, MUST HAVE ADBLOCK!

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I went to watch a 2 second video but had to wait through a minute long ad just for that frowning


One time, there were seven ads on one video.
So I hate 'em.

Adblock, friends

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But then the content creators don't make any money.

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I once saw an ad that had a view through a hole in the forest roof, and I was like, Eurgh, this is a Go-lean crunch ad. unamused Then, an Imperial Star Destroyer flew through the clearing in the trees... open_mouth


I was so excited. Then I looked it up... confused


How about this one. Have any of you ever had your attention captured enough by an ad that you actually choose not to skip it, even when you can? I know it's happened to me once or twice; I can't remember what the ads were, but I think one of them might've been for the Mr. Peabody and Sherman movie a year or two back.

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I got an Achievement Hunter ad while watching Achievement Hunter.

A couple of times I've changed my mind about watching a video while waiting for the ad to pass, and just clicked away. Problem is, when you do that it doesn't register that you've watched an ad last time and gives you another ad.

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I once watched the Jurassic World trailer and the ad for it was the Jurassic World trailer. :\


i went on youtube to watch a trailer and the advertisement was the trailer