Yu-Gi-Oh! made me build this

So I had a Yu-Gi-Oh! phase when I was younger. I made fake cards. So, what the hey... Enjoy!

Original Images:

Dare I post more?


I'm not sure if this is asking the mod's permission, or just asking if people want to see more, but if it's the latter... sure!


It's the latter.

Please do!

Here are a few. Tell me if you'd prefer UNALTERED images.

In order,
Flame Lord, Rock Lord, Wind Lord, Sea Lord, Thunder Lord, Phoenix Angel
All Tuners, (Yu-Gi-Oh! fans will get this reference).


Hello, my name is !
These could actually be made into a really cool archetype similar to the majestic mech guys with a lil' work.

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Bulr erys whirt drergon m8

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Like them smiley they are quite nice.
Btw, what is that Phoenix Angel's background?

Story wise, or literally?

literally smiley

My original idea was a HERO archetype titled, "Ancient Hero", which concentrates on Synchro Monsters instead of Fusions while still relying on E-Hero cards.

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LDD Background, the ocean one at an angle.