Aw yeah baby-
Card games on motorcycles, dragons with blue-eyes, serious business schools about card games for children. It's legitny Houston power creep'd and not as fun as it sounds.
However it's still awesome.
Because of this guy. My new favorite card and soul mate I discovered just now and love.


I played before Synchros were a thing. stuck_out_tongue I haven't kept up with it the past couple years... I basically stopped playing/collecting a little after XYZs were introduced. But yes, it is awesome!

Lol, talk about control!

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Rise, get to uploading that video

I stopped after Pendulums.

I'm 3 slow 5 Rise

So the 5D's Legendary Collection comes out this Friday.
You(don't)know what that means.

My waifu gets a reprint.


@Scarilian > @Nyran


"MidKnightNyran admitted defeat"

MY PEOPLE... I thought I was all alone!

S'more like I'm the only guy who's actually making an effort to teach Scar and maybe Matt how to play
while Nyran is fuming in the corner at how much better I am then him.

4000 ATK? That's adorable. My Ra once reached 5600 ATK.

@Risebell I can teach.

that's cool.
Too bad your ancient God doesn't have card destruction negation effects.
Cough Cough FissureKillsRa. Cough Cough

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weak cough

No but really- Do you play competitive or...?

I use full-on tactics, with supportive spells/traps. Also, Mystical space typhoon

Doesn't really answer my question.
Maybe this will-
How many cards do you play in a deck(40-60 cards), and how many decks do you use?

One main deck, with side decks for my friends. My main deck uses about 45 cards... I think.Correction, I have exactly 49 cards in-deck

Also, I do sometimes play competitively, but it involves alot of yelling, screaming, but in the end, anytime, I always shake hands with the enemy, replying, "Good game."

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Hey guys.
Lightsworn, AmIRight?

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Oh, you mean Saccsworn.

Yeah, you either lose quickly or they have bad luck, in my experience. >.>

But maybe I just suck.

I can relate T^T
At least they lose to siding if you're prepared for 'em.

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