Yugen, Nomad

I wanted to put a short excerpt here about the character, but I literally have nothing. No cool quotes or anything.

This boy dates back to about last October I think. I scrapped his initially wip, and while on a moc block, remembered the old wip and rebuilt it, then went off of that. I think it turned out pretty good.

I should post more.


I like how you made that cloth on the legs… And the staff is also pretty cool.

He looks great, and you should post more mocs, I love your overall style.

Great colours and good rubber band use there my dude, clever.

How did you get the mask on the Glatorian head? I’ve always had to turn it around and put a t-rod.

Honestly, just a few minutes of trial and error. You do have to put a little bit of force and it has to be in the right position.

@TheMOCingbird Thanks, I’ll definitely try to be more active here with my mocs.

@Kardax Thank you, I appreciate it!

@LegoDavid Thank you!


Most of those photos are really badly out of focus. I think probably because of the transparent head. Which is a shame because he’s a really interesting looking figure. I love how filled out and straightforward the colour blocking and design is, and the slope of the shoulders given by those skull spider masks is delightful.


great body, cool arms, awesome weapon! Good moc!

I love the texturing