Yugioh Frost Deck

Basically, this is a deck I made on yugioh card maker. It's not real.

Here is the extra deck. I'm going to post these in multiples of four so it's not too spammy. What do you guys think? My favorite is chibi.


This OCG art? The TCG would never allow Paladin or Ruler to look like that laughing


It's whatever art I can find on google stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

Okay, here's the next four:


I'm not mush of a Yugioh guy, but is that original art you made...

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^^ Nope ^^

@Cordak_the_Last_Makuta helped photoshop chibi frost dragon, but he just changed the background.

Here's the next batch! I'm putting five because that's how many monsters are left.

@EvilLobsterKing, I laughed way to hard at that :laughing: your a funny guy!


Well I'm smart...

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Here's most of the spells:


First day of winter seems pretty OP.

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One word: Raigeki.

Well, here's The rest!

So here is the entire archtype. It relies on setting cards then destroying them. It's sort of a beat-down deck. Real cards that would work well with this deck are cards like dark hole and mst, and of course, book of moon.

Yeah, Yu-Gi-Oh's powercreep has gotten out of hand. Not much anyone can really do about it.


Yep. Me and my friend used to do turbo duels on bikes (i had to ride s a scooter) but with no real deck. As two 11 year olds, we were talking some op stuff. Setting 5 dark holes in the first turn, infinite ATK monsters. Those were my glory days. Now I never go outside...