Zaltuhr and the nynrah glider

So i just wanted to make a 08-styled vehicle, like vultraz, so the matoran is named Zaltuhr, and his vehicle is a handglider with a gun ontop!

^ thats him driving

^ from the back

Zaltuhr himself is just an av-toran build, with added articulation

Overhead view of the “nynrah glider” as i call it
And the glider by itself

Contsructive critisism appreciated


The construction of the glider seems cool, although I would replace the Barraki jaws with something else to make it more aerodynamic. The use of the Bohrok face for a visor is my favorite part.
One other thing I would mention is that the way the Matoran attaches to the glider seems very unconventional. What made you decide to attract him that way?

It was hard to have handlebars, so thats why he holds it in a wierd way.
Also thanks!

I don’t like the position he have in the glider and the fact that he look like he have 2 knees and 2 elbows.

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When I looked at the first picture I thought it was just the hanglider itself.