Zane's Soul Theory

Zane is probably one of the most coolest ninja there is (pun intended), but no seriously he is a very cool character and the fact that he is a nindroid makes him more awesome. So here is the thing his powers used to make sense like the golden shurikun and the blade of ice. But when Lloyd unlocked Zane's full potential. It didn't occur to me that he was getting his full potential, I merely thought Lloyd was giving a little bit of his power to Zane, but now I know.

Now that I got that out of the way. During the tournament of elements we were told that you have to be related to an elemental master. But sadly that does not count for nindriods. So the question is where does Zane gets his ancestral ice power? So my theory is Zane's powers source is made out of the same stone as Chen's Crystal staff. Here's my reasoning, Chen's Crystal staff is able to extract and manipulate elements, but what if we could do more than that such as soul of the departed one? What if Zane as a human was very sick and had very little to live.This would definitely give Zane's father a reason for him to build Zane. Don't you be saying that Zane's father tells him to protect others for Zane's father keeps him with himself and never lets him go outside to actually help. Plus this would explain how he was still alive even when he was destroyed for he put half of his soul into Pixel. Also, who can truly beat Zane especially when he was the titanium ninja, so it wouldn't make sense that Chen's men would be able to take down Zane (and possibly Pixel). I suggest that Zane went straight to the island where Chen lived to retrieve more crystals so you can fully regain his power, but was surprised to find the inhabitants of the island and taken down. This would also explain on how he's actually able to have emotions unlike other robots like the nindroids or Pixel.

So tell me what do you think of this Siri do you agree to disagree I would really like to know. :wink:


That's kinda spooky. But I think it's super interesting! I honestly don't have much to contribute though since I don't know a ton about Ninjago. I agree though!

I mean, it's possible...

Thing is, there's nothing in the series to suggest it. For all we know he was endowed with the soul of his elemental spirit dragon by inheriting the element of ice from Julien. Your theory isn't implausible- it's just unfounded. Nowhere has it ever been suggested that Zane was a human at some point.

Also, I guess The Overlord's nindroids have souls too(according to Day of the Departed) so perhaps you can just get a soul by being a sentient robot?


This is interesting. Although it never really been ever suggested in the show of Zane once being human. It is a topic that I'm always wondering about. I'm hoping that Hands of Times might have some answers. So far my theory is that Ninjago wasn't gonna be going farther than season two, but in Tournaments of Elements the writers forgot about Zane, despite the beginning of the season being about finding Zane! But seriously, I really don't have any theory on Zane. He just doesn't make sense in the Ninjago universe since the mention of ancestors in Tournaments of Elements.

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Zanes power source might be proto steel (Which is why he can use ice), the same substance that absorbed the timetwins powersThis text will be blurred

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Shh no spoilers I haven't seen it yet.

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