Zarek, corrupted toa of metal

I’m not really sure of his backstory minus the steriotypical “side effects”. I just wanted to make another horror style monster and this happened. The form itself was based off G’s first few forms from resident evil.

Comparison to my other horror Mocs

I know those leg supports are sticking out more than they should but he couldn’t can’t up without them and for me it adds to the metal element.


awesome, I love the exaggerated corrupted arm

Very nice, the corrupted motif is carried across fluently.

Maybe it’s the size of the arm, but his head seems a little… lopsided?

Well, someone fell halfway into toxic waste. :stuck_out_tongue:

Like Prototype, Yes? Anyway at first I was like, meh, but it looks really good now that I’ve taken a closer look!

Yeah; the head is a bit lopsided but for me that adds to the look like his mutation pushed it away for a future mutation to form. Kinda like g where his head was pushed into the body and replaced in later forms.

Toasonus; yeah. Like I said I haven’t really thought of any backstory. Metal really only came from his silver armor.

In the first shot I genuinely thought his arm was another moc sneaking up behind him. This is gorgeous, good format nice contrast. Things like this make me realize how far I have to go.

Resident Evil Four Much?

or this

Interesting. I don’t think this looks like a corrupted to of metal. Looks more like a corrupted toa of light.

Yeah, yeah, it’s the wrong side…
Great looking moc!

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Apply some polish and that rust should go away.
Seriously, that side is great.