Zarian MOCs

As title says im going to post here my MOCs.
Now lets start with my selfmoc:
Zarian- Toa of Iron (yes i know he has weird color palette)

Vahun- Toa of Fire

Unknown Toa of Lightning

My Toa Dume version (im very proud of it)

Makuta Matar

Hydraxus - Titan form the Pit

Trio of Dark Hunters

Lumia- Toa of LIght

Nairaz- Mutated Rahkshi

Nihil- Titan from Metru-Nui

Rahi- Madu-Jaga

Makuta war machine- Panzer-Nui

Glacien- Glatorian from ice tribe

Unknown warrior

Unknown mercenary

My Pohatu G2 version

Another warrior

Ta-Matoran Darion and his vehicle

Skakdi Arena Champion

Unknown Creature

Some G2 MOC maybe Makuta

Unknown Steltian

Gunarak- Mercenary

Some unnamed G2 MOCs

Dekarus- Titan of Death

Rock Boar from Bara-Magna

Galis- Artificial Toa

And few revamps of official sets

And some other MOCs that i cant find in my archives.


Well, this is a relief. For a second I thought this was going to be some weird
Zaria X Varian fan-fic MOC set.

I really like the Rock Boar, not only in design but for the fact that it gives an origin to the rock tribe’s weapons as the Bara Magna weapons were stated to be organic- from animals.


Nice MOC’s Zarian I didn’t know you were on TTV! There are a lot here I haven’t seen yet. I like the way you used the skrall swords as tusks for the rock boar and I really like the riders war axe. Good ob on these guys!.

Thanks, im here only since helryx contest. Sadly most of those MOCs are now just parts in my box.

So many works at once! Some of them very cool! My favorites are: Rock Boar, Gunarak, Skakdi arena champion, silver unkown warrior and Dark Hunters. Very cool parts usage. Hope to see some more of your MOCs!

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I really like this style of building, lots of nice detail packed into smaller figures

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I really liked a lot of these, particularly the Dark Hunters and your Takanuva revamp.

A shame they’re disassembled, but these were really awesome!

Actually those are still “alive”.

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All very nice! Though I especially like the vehicle M.O.C

Here is one glatorian that i forget about.

I digged in my archives and i found more old stuff.


And do those have any names? Many of them are very cool. The weapons designs are nice That Skrall with transparent blue sockets is the best.

Really solid builds, I especially like the lil scorpion dude.

only one letter off from canon, lol

Solid Metru build (closer to Hagah with the silver armor). The Metru chests as shin armor armor look a bit off, could get some milage with Pohatu Nuva claws/Visorak pincers over Rahkshi limbs, or Vorox armor there.

coming off the heels of a really clean Metru build, I just don’t like how this one turned out. most shin builds that use Mata feet as armor/texture I don’t like, and the Ackar ankle guards are weird as armor. Chest and thighs have some potential but you should work on some color layering there.

Single Nuva shoulder boobs works better than double Nuva shoulder boobs, plus it fits with the look that’s smoother all around. Still not sure if I really like it. Also the forearms are a bit short and the upper arm is too long; and white hands to match the feet would look nicer

Another solid Metru built. Could nitpick some bits but I don’t think I will.

Looks like Makuta Teridax. Forearms/hnads look too technicy/bare against the rest of him.

Nice coloring on the upper body, really exposed shins.

they’re weird and blocky in places but kinda charming

Overlapping Nuva shoulder boobs are a no-go. And the rest of the build doesn’t match the curves in the chest/shoulders/mask. You showed me a good FeMOC before this one, this one is not.

Torso is very blocky.

Pretty good for a titan build; but I can’t say I like the Nuva shoulders bent over to his knees like that. Usually for knee coverage I’ll use a piece like those Master add-ons on his shins.

cute little build, could use a bit more color organization

another torso that’s very blocky. If he’s supposed to be more of a robot that that works, but you should get rid of the smoother CCBS armor if so.

I’m not going to go through the rest of them right now. This is seriously a lot of MOCs. Hope some of this critique helps, and good luck with future building!


I found another one, some abomination like creature


Like a Baterra but even more of a prototype.


New moc, from but i think its possible to build it irl


Wow these are a lot of great Mocs! My only real critique is that the rock boar rider kinda blends into the boar. I suggest changing the rider’s colors a bit (perhaps add silver? A brown/dark tan cloth piece might work?) so that he stands out more.

If you hover over the pictures with your cursor, you can see most of their names


New version


Really cool! I love seeing old stuff. I have to admit, though, I cracked up at “Panzer Nui”. Did the brotherhood send them through the Le Koro forest just south of the Maginot Nui (Maginui) line?

Every MOC that is currently mostly complete