Zarthius Omega the Perfect Warrior

Zarthius is my first moc posted and self moc of myself. Originally he was going to be of time itself but quickly changed due to his jet pack wing things. His shoulders style is similar to vakama toa sets. opposable knees and shoulder pads can be positioned in any place. Please give me all the criticism to help make this moc better and the next update probably going to have mini guns in the place of the jet pack



Quite like the beefy shoulder armor and the very cohesive color distribution. His textures are also cohesive and that is a very inventive use of the Midak Pump. Very well done.


more images of zarthius will be posted because there isn’t a clear view of the jet packs

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Looks really good, but I would recommend making the legs just slightly beefier to match everything else. Good work and welcome to the boards :smile:


I find this MOC to be groovy man. I would recommend making them legs a little bit more bulky, But that is about all I find wrong with this thing.

I like the weapon a lot as well.

Here a GIF I stole from the internet.

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I love the look of the shoulders, and the white and black are well-balanced. I do feel like the legs are a little skinny, but it’s not too bad, and legs can be really hard to bulk up without making them look ridiculous.

Nice work! I love the way the weapon looks, and the use of the Ghost Blaster pump is very clever, and looks great! Nice mask choice as well–it really fits!

Good, but the head seems too small for those awesome shoulders .

Ok I’m putting the link for other poses in this comment to get a better view of the jet pack wings
SOZ for the wait

That torso is rad

Looks pretty good!

Also welcome to the boards!

Nice use of the black and white. And as @Oniwah said, welcome to the boards