The third “zek”

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It’s a horse

The mode of transportation for them?


It’s messy. It’s poorly armored, isn’t colored well, and looks awkward.


I… I just…what…?
No. I… I don’t know…


I don’t think you’re thinking these MoCs through.


So it’s a…four-legged…cyclops…anorexic…alien…thing? No doubt cool concept, but it’s lacking in execution.

Okay, first of all, @Toa_of_red_pins, put some effort into the names of these MOCs or at least the topic titles. This gibberish of letters is spam and I will start deleting your topics if you keep doing it.

For everyone else: Knock. It. Off. For some reason you love making a bigger deal out of his MOCs than is warranted. Help out. Provide some actual constructive critisism. Or do not post at all. Most of the time I come into these topics I find a bunch of folks ganging up on him and making a big stink about these MOCs because… Why? You just don’t like them? Then help them improve. If all you have to say is “What is this? What are you doing?” or “This sucks and I don’t like it cause this is what I think cause I know better”, then you shouldn’t be posting. That stops now, and any further responses like that will be looking at suspensions.


I don’t see a horse. And the random foot is kind of weird.

No it is not a horse sorry

It’s really cluttered, it has way too many open ball points, its color scheme doesn’t really work, and it doesn’t look much like a horse. I do appreciate you trying more complex builds, but I might maybe building it more than just jumping right in.
Not your best MOC, but not your worst. Take better pictures and I might like it more.

This is an… ok moc. It isn’t as bad as some others I’ve seen, and, with some work could be fairly decent, but as it currently stands, it needs a whole lot of work.

For one, open balljoints, while, in my opinion, not as bad as open sockets, are a definite con, and you really should take efforts to cover them up.

The armoring is awkward and messy, and needs reworking.

However, the color scheme here works, if barely, and although I can’t really see it clearly, the head seems interesting to me, although it doesn’t look horse-like in the slightest.

I can’t really give much more input though, as I can barely see what is even going on with this moc. I beg you to try to hold your hands steadier while taking pictures, and get a good mix of natural and artificial lighting, and also make sure that you have ENOUGH lighting (you won’t believe what a wonder decent lighting will do for you pictures).


I don’t really know what to make of this.

The pictures make it difficult to observe and there are way too many open balljoints.

I don’t really think you developed a fully concept before assembling this. It looks sort of random.

…What is it… ?

I see some improvements since your last MOCs, this actually Isn’t too bad…and the picture quality is getting bit better than it was, through it has far from being a good MOC, it is definitely closer than your other creations.

You could cover up all those exposed balljoints with Mata hands and make make the head silver as oppose to white.

it has a horse shape, and I can see your trying to make an animal, but if you make the armor a bit smoother and more streamlined, that could help with this

i do agree with @Eljay but i also see the other side of the story to
and hey i tried to do some constructive criticism too
the main problem that can be fixed is this.
-start giving a flow to these mocs
-put more time into these
-fill in the exposed ball joints
and well that’s it
but hey you have gotten better, so good on you
and really i do like the craziness of this
(this might be your best moc yet)

I like it, though it does feel a tad thin. Maybe try bulking him up a bit? Also, it’s kind of weird having the head as the only white part. Also, perhaps try to remove the feet used as armor. But that is just my opinion. Oh, one last thing- do you have a rider built for this?

I think that this MOC is actually a step-up from the others, but there are still some room for improvement. I’d start with adding bulk to the open balljoint. That usually helps it a lot.

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