Zemahri, Toa of Sand

Legend tells us that Failure came to Nala Nui long ago. He swept across the Silver Sea and reached a fishing village. There he told stories of a distant Ring-Land and promised to bless the Matoran with a great gift. But Failure lied, for his gift was not great. He drained away their Water until all that remained was Sand.

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Zemahri was one of the mysterious Matoran of Sand who roam the wastes of Po-Wahi on Nala Nui. Transformed into a Toa, she now protects her tribe and the larger settlement of Po-Koro. Zemahri has found it difficult transitioning into Po-Koro’s less nomadic life, and she spends no more time there than she needs to.

Zemahri wields a staff topped with a bleached Mahi skull she found in the dunes.

The name Zemahri was made using Tolkien’s Matoran Language: [zemahri < ze-mahri, from ze “empty, drained out, drained” and mahri “ocean, depths; descent/ascent”]

Thanks for taking a look, and please let me know what you think! (And what’s up with the backstory?)


I think the MOC could benefit from a white or light gray mask, but other than that, I really like it. The keet orange looks excellent with the white and gray.


This moc usage some strange connection technique and a good color scheme.
However he doesn’t look like a Toa of Sand aside from the Mahi skull staff.


She seems very cool. And I like the concept quite a bit. Buildwise, she’s a bit messy. Her thighs are off color, and really technic-y. The colorscheme is great (even if her mask doesn’t match). Overall, I like it.

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That backstory, reminds me a lot of Sauron’s/Annator the Gift Lords coming to Middle Earth, I suppose that was the influence if you have mentioned Tolkien.

Nonetheless, there is something appealing to me in this creation, just for the use of such unique and “off-world” like constructions. Particularly, I like the use of of mata heads in the legs, but their usages makes the illusion of them being digitigrade which is what makes it so strange. Meanwhile, the arms are a bit iffy, mainly due to the nuva legs, which seem off because of them not having any actual elbow articulation. The torso itself is good and, in my mind, suits the M.O.C. very well.

All in all, a unique part usage, but from some angles, makes the limbs look weird. Great work.

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I’m glad you like it! I figured I’d just go for it and take a risk with a mask that doesn’t match the rest of the MOC. You win some you lose some I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fair point. Unfortunately my tan pieces are largely older limb pieces, but maybe if I get some more in the future I’ll try to incorporate them into the MOC.

Thanks! Do you think the thighs would look less out of place if the shoulders were gray instead of keetorange?

Interesting guess! That’s actually a coincidence since I’m not too familiar with Tolkien’s work. I don’t know if people actually guessing this sort of thing fun, but if you want to know the answer: The story is about Spiriah. In canon his island Zakaz is shaped like a ring, and his name became slang for failure. At some point he turned some Ga-Matoran’s element into Sand, similar to how he gave the Skakdi elemental powers.

Huh, that’s an interesting point about the thighs. When I was making them I sort of thought they looked like these pants worn in the military (that wasn’t the intent though :P). And fair point about the arms, I wanted to use those those pieces somehow to get them out of the way. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the constructive feedback everyone!

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This Toa clearly has The High Ground. :+1:

Everyone’s a critic. I hope you enjoy your moc, nice story!