Zephyus - Master of space

“A huge being with long arms descended from the sky that night… A great being in dark armor, it was the master of space himself”

Tell me what you think…


I like the look of this thing. The lower leg and foot design seem a bit unstable, but other then that it’s looking good my friend. But hey that’s just an opinion, my Opinion.

Maybe spread the white out, unless you only intended it to be on the head

It is intended only for the head.
@GIF.Man.Ben the lower legs are sturdy, and the feet hold him up well once they’re in the right position. But thanks anyway!

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Very alien. Very, very alien.

Nice! It looks sleek and alien, managing to retain the look throughout! That head is pretty cool as well!

Great work! :smiley:

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@Lord_Tuma @darkbrick999 thanks!

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Pretty neat! not a huge fan of the head though, kinda kills it for me.

Thanks anyway!