Zerkah - Noble Flame

The first ever version of the character that is above the “half decent” line

Zerkah, Noble Flame

Eldest son of Lord Kihanu and Lady Thrae, and by that same
token, rightful Lord of the House of Kihanu. Due to his noble bloodline, he is the leader of the Toa Vihagu. Despite this, even after being entitled with Lordship even before his father’s death, he does not consider himself more worthy than those who fight alongside him or for him.

Zerkah, Noble Flame

Zerkah is incredibly passionate about his duty, both as a Toa and as a noble. He has seen firsthand what the Malevolent have done to Talis, the place where he was born, and seeks to eradicate the Malevolent from every land he can set foot on. As such, he shows great strength and violence when in battle with the Malevolent, but great sympathy for those who are enslaved to the Malevolent’s will.

Zerkah is known to become great friends with any who share
his desire for the liberation of the islands. However, this overriding desire causes him to often overlook the interests or abilities of those not in tandem with his interests. This can prove troublesome when dealing with teammates - supposedly under his command - that are seeking out their personal interests.

"Exacting Vengeance"

One would expect Zerkah would equip himself with an adorned
weapon and expensive, ornate armor, as he had the fortune to do. But instead, Zerkah choose to use his fortune to import some of the ancient but well made Jainad armor, while equipping himself in battle with a common axe. His great strength and elemental potency allow him to use even poorly made axes to deadly effect.

he was fire

Zerkah underwent a pretty intense process of going from
this to the one you see before you. The whole design started from the Skull armor/HF chestplate concept and went from there.


Nicely done, I really like how you did the shoulders

Is he meant to be missing the gunmetal armour on his lower left leg? Apart from that, and the 2 different shades of red IMO, it looks really cool, and as @Stoax said as well, I like the shoulders

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I like what you did with the hero cuffs :smile:

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The mata red should be more of an accent colour I think…since there’s only a tad bit on the chest (which unites the colour scheme together), and huge blocks of it on the forearms, legs, and shoulders. Keep it as a slight highlight, maybe downward pointing red spikes on the armor or something and it would look better IMO

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That shoulder construction is rather magnificent.

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The asymmetry on the legs seems out of place.

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This is intentional - part of Zerkah’s character design includes an “Iron Boot” on the right shin. Presumably it does not yet look like it is intended to be different, something I intend to make more clear in future.

Definitely see your point, and I am considering decreasing the amount of one of the two shades of red… which one it will be depends on the types of parts I have available when I come back to him.

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The MOC feels kinda cluttered and a bit boring.

Pretty good MOC overall, but yeah, the bright red is a bit distracting. On the shoulders and feet it’s fine, but there’s a bit too much of it on the legs and arms.

going off of legomaster here, I like the use of both reds, but there seems to be too much of the bright red, I feel like it should be more of a detail color and have maybe 2 pieces on the shoulders.


This piques my curiosity a bit. You’ll need to explain this a bit further.

Can definitely see where you’re coming from, and that was my original intent with the MOC, before I found out that I didn’t have a lot of dark red pieces left to work with.

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The textures off old bionicle and CCBS clash and it feels like it could use something extra to make him stick out.

Interesting arm connection, I really like it.

Always like seeing a fusion of CCBS, Technic, and old Bionicle parts come together! Weapon’s a bit average, though. But still good! The Kulta chest works really well here! :smiley: