Zerkah, the Burning Hero

My personal favorite of my 2015 MOCs, from a technique standpoint. He has the same style as a lot of my MOCs from the past.


Coolio. But what's with the single grey knee

oh yes he does

... I like the color blocking across the upper torso (chest to shoulders) and the relatively consistent texturing.


Stoooooooooooooory Reeeeeeeeeeeeasons

did he use to be an adventurer?

my only real complaint is that it would look better if his foot was a silver hordika foot to match the lower leg.


This looks pretty nice, though the red shells on his chest look a bit awkwardly positioned to me; I can't quite place why, though.

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Might be because they're sticking out just a bit too much, leaving a small gap? That would be my only nitpick about this entire moc. Great job @Hawkflight!

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I gotta say, this guy takes the cake. And his weapon is awesome.

I hope he brings the cake back later instead of eating it. He's put on enough weight already


The Visorak feet on the upper arms clash a bit texture-wise IMO. And the neck looks a bit too big IMO (though maybe that's just the angle of the first pic). Also, tiny feet. stuck_out_tongue

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okay definitely not your best from this year

far from it

The armoring techniques would be very good if they actually locked in together, but there are all these awkward gaps in between armor that would normally just flow together almost flawlessly.

The upper torso also makes him look like a slightly toned down Onua.

The best part to me are the upper arms, but even then those have a very unsightly blue pin.

(also this isn't really related to the MOC but your posing can be awkward in some pics, as shown in the "static" pose at the beginning where he in't standing normally and his hands are all funky)


^ what this guy said.

Also, those knees seem...weird...


In summation, I think he should rather be called "Zerkah, the Baffling Hero"

As in, it's baffling how he's able to save anyone


In short, having the ability to launch fire at long range helps. (And that would bring up the same kind of arguments about titles that I got into with Ayen.)

Someday, I will receive the perfect comment about my bulky style, and I will laugh.


Believe me, I've got some perfect comments, you just don't wanna hear 'em


It's also questionable whether they'd be board appropriate, I'm sure.