Zero Gravity (Dragon Art)

Taking care of galaxy dragons can be a bit tricky. Especially Maru, my Sorarian Dragon. She leaves stardust everywhere, a bit hard to clean up.

CnC :blush:


looks really nice, her nose is a little bit weird but yeah

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All galaxy dragons can only be seen from a side view. So I do my best to envision them from different angles.

Could you do a Comet one?

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The dragon is pretty cute.

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can’t unsee chibi creature.



Mainly the dragons I’m willing to draw are those I’ve already gotten. So in order for me to draw a comet dragon, I’d have to get a comet dragon first.


She is. Though she leaves a lot of stardust around the habitat.


Chibi creature is best creature. :blush:

Thank you three!

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So cute. I want to cuddle with this dragon.

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Ikr? They’re my favorite Galaxy dragon out of all of them.


So cute. Galaxy dragons ftw!

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wait their eyes get smaller when they grow? how does that work?

well atleast the are gorgeous


I think originally the adults were designed much bigger, but since there’s a limited space they shrunk the sprites. The largest dragon, that I’m aware of, is the legendary dragon Gaia.

All the dragons are unique in their own way, and every time I get to hatch one, it makes me smile :slight_smile:


Seriously, who’s Gaia?
In DV, I mean.

This is her.


When was she available?
Was it after mid February this year?


Not completely sure myself.

She allows you to incubate up to four extra eggs.

I liked the other Legendary Dragon.
What was his name…
He was time related, and totally bada**.

Kairos. I don’t have his shrine yet.

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It’s tedious to get him, but it didn’t take much effort.
And I found it fun.
(I got his shrine with the air dragons, though. Maybe it’s random what order you get them in…)
Also, I’m pretty sure he’s the biggest Dragon.
He’s massive.