Zero's Experimental moc dump

Hello everyone. Despite what you think, I have been working very hard (Not really0 at making mocs these past weeks. These mocs were originally intende to be serious but they have several flaws. These fruits ofmy labor are essentially experiments in mocing techniques. Enjoy :grinning:

This guy evolved from the idea of putting Hewki Mahri’s mask on a skadi head. I believe I’ve now created some inspiration. I call him the executioner.

This guy evolved from an experiment in making technic arms. It sorta spiraled out of control into this. I might give him his own page though. His name is Operative 67.

He has arm cannons :grinning:. (And yes, I know he’s a mess.)

This was my attempt at making the Exo suit from the RP I’m in. It didn’t turn out very well.

Dino bounty hunter. He’s not so bad.

War tortoise with technic built head.

Also my self Moc got an update. It’s finished form will come… One day.


Most of these have cool concepts, but suffer from awkward posing and jumbled colorschemes.


Neat MOCs. While I agree with SwagMeister, I like the first and second ones best. All are very experimental. Good job.

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