Zero's Photoshop Stuff

So all of these abominations works of art are from a digital art and design class I took for one semester. enjoy.

These were our first projects. A few summer collages. Nothing too crazy.

Now we get into the good stuff. On Fridays, the class was allowed to make whatever we wanted. No matter what you see here, trust me I’m completely sane.

Never finished that one. oh well.

Don’t trust oatmeal.

There’s a joke only planetside 2 players would understand.

These next few are from a combining images unit. There’s a bit of wordplay here.

There was even a word art unit.

We also made Christmas cards. Because why not.

And finished it off by making a logo for a donut company.

I appreciate feedback. Good day to you all.


These are the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.


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so this… is the power… of photoshop… whoa


I like the “boxing match” and “Master Chef.” It took me a second, but the wordplay is great.

As a whole these look really good, with the turtle-bird hybrid and bear being my favorites. The turtle’s head flows surprisingly well into the bird’s body, and the repurposing of the bear’s pose made me laugh.


but that guy is from the new conglomerate…

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I love this. Especially all the Halo stuff, Master Cheff indeed…

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Its VERY close to being a joke topic.
I love em
Any chance we can get the master chef one with a halo background?

This for a screensaver.

Or it would be funny to see it be turned into the box art.


It started amazing, and kept getting better.


I love the master chief (or rather master chef) one

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That’s some good memes you got there.


What Sabretooth’s mutation should’ve been

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