Zetdyl - The deer demon

The beast of ill-intentions resides withing his dark excluded forest. Hunting, praying on, and physically/psychologically torturing anyone who is unfortunate enough to stumble across his domain. Whether it be by having gotten lost and finding it, having found it because of rumors, he cares not, he will find anyone in his forest and turn their lives and mind to ruin before their very eyes. the forest entrance is marked by a gate decorated with deer and goat skulls with an inscription reading, “prey for your soul.” (I have improved his feet after I’ve taken these pictures)


Great MOC! The Tridax ribs actually look so well like horns!

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This is pretty cool! The use of Makuta ribs as horns is very ingenious! And the custom legs are also quite nice!

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Nice use of the Tridax holder for horns, but the rest is just ok. If you can, I would recommend removing all the open joints on the tail and replacing them with ccbs shells to give a smoother appearance. Additionally the legs look incredibly spindly and bare, especially the middle part covered by just a Nuhvok shield. It also seems like the lower legs are locked in position to the middle legs, so if you could find a way to articulate them that would be quite nice.

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@Toa_Radrix and @LegoDavid Thank you very much!

@Monopoly Thank you as well but the point of the legs was to look like that as a deer’s, or any animal of the nature, would. Slender legs that lead up to thick thighs. And the point of the tail was to look like that, sort of spiny and creepy, I actually took reference and inspiration for the tail from the Xenomorph in Alien.

I think I might’ve worded that wrong, what I meant was from certain angles the legs look very gappy, specifically here:

If you could just put a 2 length axle and then a black Bohrok eye on that open axle hole on the socket I’m sure it would fill it out a lot more.


Aahhh I see what you mean now, apologies for not having understand what you meant.

Freaky, but in a good way!
great piece used for the horns.

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@Rons_oc Thank you very much, it was the intention.

@Monopoly The problem has been solved to the best of my abilities with my current part count.