Zetra Protector of Lighting

Zetra is the protector of lightning. She has some console over her element due to her mask, the mask of lighting that was passed down to her by her mother, who severed as the protector before Zetra. She is kind, but quick to squash a threat to her tribe, which she sees as her family. She is agile, and has more control over her element than other protectors. This is beaches the lighting tribe protector trains for about two years to focus and control their element. Zetra wields twin shock swords which diligent a small electric shock on contact.
(I did use the cannon g1 coloration)


Personally when I think of lightning or storm (if you consider that an element) I use mostly translucent yellow or lime (what evs). My only concern is that it looks like an ice element but other than that it’s pretty good. :slight_smile:

Again I see that as lighting is yellowish, but I did use the cannon colors, plus the blue and white look really good together.

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I haven’t seen the official colors yet [quote=“Sealman133, post:3, topic:34607”]
plus the blue and white look really good together.

I’m not saying I don’t like it, it’s just my opinion of color scheme

Yet here is no official set, and I agree with your color scheme. You can find the official colors on biosector1 in the matorian tab. There is just a drawing and a mention of one Toa…

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“In [G1], Lightning is often represented by the […] colors blue and white.”

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I like the idea! Lets make this a trend: Protector of Gravity anyone?

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What colors? I might attempt it…

black n purp
basically g2 earth

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So I’ve just posted it if you are interested

Simple but nice little build.

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Thanks I took my main inspiration for the protector of fire, I am working on a lighting villager.

Needs purple and trans yellow, but keep the trans blue as well but only at a minimum. Also I think they’d make some new pieces for the weapons and the armor used on the shoulders, but since you can’t do that what’s there works. Finally I think there should be a function, like how the protectors had stud shooters. Maybe a modernized disc throwing function?

This is a nice build. Only thing that bothers me is the lower arm armour placement, I think it sticks out a bit too much. I’d maybe use the new piece that came with baze Malbus from rogue one set. :+1:

Mabey again I am using the cannon colors which are blue and white.
@Boxxer I have a different piece in mind, I do not have those sets.