Zeus, Lord of Lightning

I think I’m going to start a series of “God themed” MOCs. You know, Norse, Greek, Roman, etc.

Here’s the first one - Zeus, the Lord of Lightning!! :zap::zap::zap:




Those lightning eyes are really cool.

The moc has sorta a hunched look, whihc I feel doesn’t really fit.

But those lightning eyes are epic…


Simple yet kinda cool


Dang those eyes.

Ow the edge.


Those eyes are godly!
Get it, because it’s a MOC based on a god? …I’ll go now.

Jokes aside, this MOC is great. A bit simple, but great nonetheless.

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This looks really neat, I like the colours especially.
Also where’d those completely trans light blue energy flame pieces come from? I assume from a bootleg set?


Nah, I got some from an old fire helicopter set.

At first I thought this wasn’t lego because of the eyes
Amazing job even with a simple build!

And where do you find the hand pieces?

Are you talking about the small ones?
I was talking about the ones used in most of the protectors.

Yeah, I was talking about the small ones…

Those might be bootleg, I don’t know for sure.

No they’re not bootleg. They’re in one of the Nexo Knights sets. I got them from Bricklink though.

@1000Purse30 the hands are a 3D printed piece I found on Shapeways.com. Just go there and search for bionicle. You’ll be amazed at what some brilliant designers have come up with. These hands are the greatest thing ever. Really wish Lego would have made them.

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I’ll look at them for sure because you can say those are handy
Sorry for the bad pun

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I like how lightning is coming out of eyes.

Great design.

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He doesn’t really fit any idea of what “Zeus” would most likely be, but the building techniques hers are pretty phenomenal.

A bit too informal for Zeus, but pretty great overall. I think white would´ve been better than black, though.

Please don´t make Thor just a knockoff of Zeus. If you make Thor, give him an Avhokii or something.

Ooo, nice moc. The keet-orange (if it is?) kinda sticks out against the other colours, but it’s not an overwhelming amount of it. Dang dem lightning eyes…the moc seems kinda short, but whatever. Great moc overall.

Did you know my Erebus and Aether mocs are based off of Greek gods? Omg
similarities intensifies

Heres a little suggestion… if you’re gonna do Greek/Roman mocs… you should make Dionysus/ Bacchus, Hermes and Vulcan. Hey, it’s just a suggestion. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback. I don’t know what an avohkii is though.

@Archiblox that’s a great suggestion. Vulcan especially.

This is a really cool moc, I like the colours used, and the use of the ignika. The hunched neck does look awkward in some poses though.

Also the Avohkii is takanuva’s mask, the mask of light.

I take it he has unlimited powar.

Takanuva´s mask.