Zeus: Toa of Lightning


Awesome, I love his weapons and the utilization of those lightning bolt pieces.

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Try flipping the bohrok teeth at the knee around. Otherwise this is a great build. Well done :slight_smile:

Not the sort of look I’d ascribe to the original cosmic bully, but I think you pull this off very well! A bit busy, but I do love the creativity put in.

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So, pretty much Surge as a Toa

Anyways, he looks good. Nice job


That’s fantastic.

The body looks a little too lanky for me, but the rest of the MOC looks great.

I love the staff; Simple but effective. The shield is pretty cool too and I can see that being used for an offensive weapon as well as defense.

Very well done for Zeus. Although the mask is not as fitting and the torso is a tad long.

I loved it until I saw this

Exposed pins is one thing, but blatantly sticking out attached to nothing is a whole other level of horrible.

If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were trying to kill Eljay by giving him a heart attack. I so want him to see it though and see what happens

Pretty sure its a weapon attachment point.

Ik. I was making a joke


This is fantastic! The lovely colors fit so well, aside from the lightning shield; that just hurts my eyes so much. I’d love to see the shield off of his arm, and the yellow more implemented.

Oh sorry XD

Very, very good.
I think he looks a bit feminine, though.

The colors on the lightning elements really match the metrublue/white colorscheme.

I think the part I really like about this design is how you used HF boots to construct his shoulders.

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Like what you’ve done with integrating the lightning pieces. Overall, this is a great MOC!

more work will be done on the guy, he is kind of a WIP

Overall it is a groovy MOC man. But it is a little on the busy side, and the torso is a little to long.