Ziggy [Title must be at least 7 characters]

Rando MOC I made a few days ago. No real concept or idea here, just a combination of stuff.

And really that’s what the moc is.

No intent to be tidy at all, just stuff.

I swear this isn’t an excuse for laziness (I actually tried on this moc (if you call building in two hours trying))


i really like it it’s very unique i haven’t seen something like this before

too bad i don’t have anything bad to say on it, because i like using the good will sandwich format.


The background obscures most of the details

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Looks pretty good overall, but there are some problems:

  • The hands are too short

  • What does that blue piece even do there?

  • The uncovered lower hands don’t look good

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Not bad. I agree with most of the problems other people have pointed out. It really does seem like a mashup of different building ideas.

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