Zolaris - Dark Hunter Self-Moc

With Jormuntrax


Ohh, this is quite the well done piece of work. The textures fit, and the body is quite solid.

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Feet look a little odd (I think it’s the spikes on the sides of both) but apart from that, I have no issues with this MOC.

looks quite nice, but I feel that the torso is a tiny bit short

The torso seems a bit too short, but other than that the MOC looks really well done!


Yeah, I can kinda see it now. Thanks for the feedback! :smile:


This guy should have been in the bionicle dark hunters book. Keep up the good work.

Excellent work armouring the chest! Are the side parts attached by more than just that balljoint or can they move?

I want those orange pieces…
Cool moc.

@Gringat they can, but they usually stay there if not moved intentionally