Zombie Botar (Duckbricks Red Star Zombie Contest Entry)

This is my entry to Duckbricks’ Red Star Zombie Contest, a zombified version of Botar.

This model is a fair bit taller than most official models, and has fair articulation and stability. The model takes a large amount of inspiration from the original Botar, while still being mostly original

The model ended up having to take a lot of liberties since I don’t own the original Botar, nor either model that makes him.

Size Comparisons:

Studio Model:
The studio model is missing 3 pieces since they haven’t been modeled as of yet; 1x54175 in dark red on the left shoulder, and 2x44847 in black on the right leg and foot


i love it

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Looks good! I like how it incorporates parts from the original Botar so it’s recognizable. The mismatched armor also gives it a disheveled or incomplete look, so that’s neat. Very nice moc


Ohoho! This has got to be my favorite Red Star Zombie yet. Excellent work!

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