Disk us teh movie aboot teh animalz.

Seems nice I think.

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:laughing: The hype is real, as the kids say.

I heard it’s really bland with not much of a story. But that’s just what I heard.

You seem to be mistaken with Norm of the flippin North.

This generations Disney Furry movie (last one was Robin Hood).

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It seems tumblr has gotten to you.

No, no, no. That would be Rule 32 site for the specific thing you are talking about.

Then again, I need to point this out I dont really like furry stuff.

I think you meant 34.

But yeah, I think it goes without saying that no one in the right mind is into that kinda stuff.

It just irks me how those peeps seem desperate to ruin innocent anthropomorphic critters for everyone. > <

So, you mean both Furries and Bronies, right?
I hatedespisewouldkilloneifIsawoneLOVE BRONIES…

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a movie about furries, of course im not going to miss it…

I just noticed that Zootopia’s layout is eerily similar to Mata Nui’s. Tundratown is Ko-koro, Savannah is Le, Desert is Po, etc. It’s even split very similarly.

Contrasting Biodiversity is not unique to Bionicle nor was it even the first to create such a concept. Its an old Sci-Fi idea.

I know, but in terms of the geography, it just struck me. There is a brief shot of the whole city near the beginning and Mata Nui came to mind.