Zork V5

Zork has no backstory
so uh nothing really to type here

C ‘n’ C appreciated


I like his stilettos

but apparently not the topic
Uh yeah he does have great shoes

the upper arm and the lower torso sections seem a bit boring, but overall he’s pretty good. Nice job Zorky


Very, Very, VERY dapper.

Not sure if it’s a new development for V.5 but that hat and connection are wonderful

ahhh so dapper

Nice, he looks pretty good, but I have to agree with Rukah, the upper arms seem a little bare, and the exposed grey is kinda weird. Nice job overall though

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The torso is different to the previous version


That’s never happened before

I’ll work on it


Wait what? Ok, uhhhh…

How about an Omio?

Actually being serious, this looks nice, I keep forgetting that those HF feet exist, although the upper arm looks kinda weird with the way those are all connected

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what a dapper looking fellow

those upper arms are a little odd, to me.

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Yeah, i know
but i will work on it

Good colours

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