Zurx, the Robot Barbarian MOC

Thanks! The lower legs are a bit simple, I might fix it, but not for awhile :smile:

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“Well, I like this guy minus the legs,”

*Scrolls down to comments

Yeeeeeeeeeah I think you’ve gotten enough of that :laughing:

To clarify what I dislike about the legs, it’s mostly the fact that they are so skinny. But if you are going to stick with the skinny leg aesthetic, I’d suggest removing the 2015 Add-ons, as they just make the legs look awkward.

The torso is amazing, and the head is fantastic. The hands could be better, but they’re not awful. You’ve got a good theme going on with those spikes, and the hammer is great.

Overall, this gets a :wrench:/10 from me. :slight_smile:

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lol whats a :wrench:/10? I agree about the armour add on piece but it puts more silver and detail than just a plain armour shell piece. Plus I don’t have any more armour shells in silver :laughing:. Yes, it is awkward. Thanks though! :smile:

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i have updated the legs. They are a little less skinny but not too much. It fixed more of my own nitpicks. More silver and armour.

Ahhhhh!!! Victory!!! POW!!! That’s the change, hope it looks better. I think it does!


They look great now, and fit with the rest of the MOC! :smiley:

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yeah, definitely fits now.

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one more update might come to the back but it might not be for awhile. :slight_smile: