Zuthour, God of Darkness

A god made out of all the darkness from toa and matoran's hearts. I used the onua 2015 mask because it was the only one that was completely black.


Uh, would you mind shining a flashlight over it or something?

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nah man it's the GOD of darkness



I can't see it. It's to dark, please take some more picture of this thing so I can judge it.

Man... For a second I thought the papery white thing in the back was a cloth and the head was that goldy thing coming out of it.

I need glasses.


I don't think the kitchen is the best place for photographing mocs. Try another room where the lighting is better.


cool concept, but could you take pictures with light shining on it. It looks like it has custom legs, but I just can't see.

The rest of my rooms had the floors covered with junk so yeah. We just cleaned up recently so I can change the setting. And the amount of light.

Here's some pictures I was going to upload anyway. So here's a picture that will mind blow everyone. Well after Makuta was punched in the face, the darkness from jealousy and other dark things made itself a nonphysical form and when it got the Mask of Control it got a physical form and could persuade almost anything. P.S. It still had Control powers, it is still Makuta. Sorry if my photos are dark, I try to get the best lighting possible.

The leg isn't really custom it is just a CCBS leg with more armor.

Great job at figuring out where the head was. ☺I could of made the same mistake if I was a viewer. I know it is a little dark.

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K. You're the Chronicler.

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It is still really dark...

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These pictures are quite an improvement but yeah everything is still kinda dark. Here's my secret to getting clear pictures. Don't even bother photographing inside, instead go outside on an overcast or cloudy day and photograph the moc on a table or something flat. I used to put posterboard behind my mocs to get a nice clear background but nowadays I don't even bother with the posterboard and just edit a digital one in with "gimp" software (it's basically free photoshop). I adjust the brightness in gimp to where I like it and it works out great. :smile:

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