2000's Culture and Entertainment

For those who grew up in the 2000’s


I was BORN in the early 2000’s…so I better just leave.

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Good thinking
I’m kidding. I changed the topic name to open it to a broader audience.

Ah, the early 2000s.
The '00s, some might say.
They sucked more than I realized at the time.


The only good things about the 00’s was BIONICLE, at least to me.

Oh, and Spongebob.

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I was born in 2000, so the early 2000’s were my childhood. Spongebob was cool. I wasn’t into bionicle back then though. I still remember my family’s squarish TV.

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The 2000’s was great.
It was also the era that Kamen Rider rebooted, starting with Kuuga (See picture), so it was swag.


Ah, The 2000’s I remember Old Cartoon Network,Nickelodeon,Disney Channel, & The Saturday Morning Cartoons. I when for 7 Year Old to 17 Year Old in those ten years I saw Bionicle,Marvel Legends,Gamecube and Wii when cool. And the Early 2000’s Pop Music was Great.

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I grew up in the 2000s, I guess

I also had a sheltered childhood so I’m not that sure what’s important about this, but at least it’s nice to see this decade get recognition like all the decades before it.

Long story short, media expanded, technology got really far really fast, memes became a thing, war was fought, musical styles did not change much (although this was when dubstep began, right?) Meanwhile a bunch of shows that I never watched came and went, game systems did little more than remake themselves for better graphics and more information, same with computers really, and a bunch of other things happen that I can’t explain that much but generally made the world situation worse.


Ah, the early 2000s…. I have find memories of classic Spongebob, Jimmy Neutron, and playing Luigi’s Mansion and Super Mario Sunshine. Now that I own a gamecube again, it’s a tradition for me to play Super Mario Sunshine daily, but only while listening to TTV.

I was pretty sheltered as a kid…so I never knew a lot about modern culture until as of late…


What about Webkinz? :stuck_out_tongue: Those were really popular when I was little.

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Oh yeah, that was a thing, wasn’t it

(the five I have stare blankly at me, feeling unloved)

I was big into Webkinz as a kid. I remember having a wolf and lizard.

I think I actually had around 40 of them. Back then it could probably match my Bionicle collection in size.

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lord of the rings was awesome

90’s was better, but I get a lot of the 2000’s references

This is no place for your 90’s nostalgia! Get outta here!

Well I have 2000 nostalgia too