2001 Style Rahi Mocs (ongoing)

I’m new here, but have kept up with TTV since I first heard of it! I’ve been a fan of bionicle ever since I grabbed Tahu off the store shelf in 2001, and now I build.

My creations span across the duration of bionicle, but since my early style Mocs are what I love and what have started to gain traction, my focus will be on them!
I will update here on occasion! So be sure to check in! (More I comments below)


[.s]it’s probably not a good idea to post that link here, since TTV has a rule against that.[/s]

Nice MOC, but it should probably go in #creative-content:lego-creations instead.

moved to Lego Creations~Meep

Also, this frog is really cute! Well done!

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Noted, link removed! I must have overlooked the creative-content channel. It’s been moved

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Figured you didn’t know, so just wanted to make sure you knew

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I sure didn’t xD
I had a heck of a time just signing up
One more spoiler of a vulture moc!!


I love that frog, very nice!

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Thank you everyone! New Renders done today (22 renders so far)

Enjoy the sneak peak :wink:


These are great; the frog especially!

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Nice, they’ve got the early-Bionicle vibe into them.

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That’s the idea! With more on the way ^^

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Is this a fly? Or beetle?

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It’s a Karola Beetle Moc, but it opens it’s elytra when it rolls across the ground, so you could pretend it is a fly ^^

I hope you enjoy the content, I have a discord where plenty more can be found, and will be posting more here very soon! I hope I can live up to nostalgia

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